Bun and Thigh Rocker

mommyx3December 11, 2001

Hi all,

I am currently debating with my husband whether the Bun and Thigh Rocker would be a reasonable purchase (I'm the one who wants it :) )I have read some old posts from those who had recently purchased one and would like to know what the results have been since some time has passed now. Also, does the extra kit (for the upper body) work? Thanks to all those who post!

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I love my Bun and Thigh Rocker! I have a really hard time doing squats. The B&TR is like doing squats but without the strain on my knees. It took a little longer to start seeing results than the advertisements indicate, but I never increased my repititions--I stuck with 3 sets of 15 reps.

I hope that helps!

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Hi MommyX3, I didn't want to be your first response back,because my b/t/r didn't come with the upper body workout bands,so I don't know how well that works.Since cycling season is just about over--I am starting once again to use the b/t/r on a regular basis.It really does strengthen+trim legs+butt. KathyO

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