Hostess gift - Green Card Celebration Party

naturepersonOctober 4, 2004

Our family has been invited to a party of a family who just received their Green Card. The people are very nice and have been in this country for several years from Denmark, and this is a big and exciting time for them. Since I'm not all that familiar with the whole process and what type of celebratory events take place in these situations, I'm wondering what to take. They have indicated that it's a simple after-dinner drinks and snack type of affair in their backyard around a fire and they do not wish for me to bring anything.

What would be a suitable item to take in this situation? I'm thinking that since she (the mom) and I both share a love of gardening that possibly a nice fall arrangement for indoors or out would be nice. I don't want to overdo it but would like to be gracious.

Any suggestions/ideas?

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Good for your neighbors, they should be very proud. How about a fresh all-American apple pie or a book on American history as a gift? If you want to bring a plant, put a little American flag in it. Have fun at the party.

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Thanks, dian. Great ideas, but the party was last night and I just saw it this a.m. I ended up going with a gift basket with some food items wrapped in decorative bags that said such things as "Call it Home" and wrapped in a ribbon with a little key hanging from it. Then a small photo album with a personalized front cover with a green alien graphic on it, and the alien was holding a sign and inside the sign read the family's name. Then "Celebating with our Resident Aliens" was displayed on the front and then the celebration date. Other food items also were in the basket. It was really cute, and I'm glad I decided against the bottle of wine. That was the standard gift. Nice but I wanted to put a little more thought into the gift.

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