Exercise and ornery knees

lynne_melbDecember 22, 2005

Has anyone had success in using exercise to reduce knee pain?

Since I have pooches, I'd like to be able to walk them. Docs have not been helpful. I have bone on bone on bone in one knee. I'm in my 50's and the recommendations have been "Wait until the pain is severe enough that you want the knee replaced. Nothing else to do. Don't walk for exercise if it hurts."

If anyone has found an exercise program that works for them, I'd greatly appreciate hearing about it.


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I haven't found anything that improved my knee, but I have found exercises that don't aggravate the condition. I just started Tai Chi and I am hoping that might have a positive effect. I have always stood with my toes pointing out and I am learning not to do that. I find that Tai Chi pays much more attention to a proper stance with regard to my knee than does Yoga - but that may be just my experience.

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Thanks Devorah,

I'm now trying shorter walks and they seem to be working.
Good luck with the Tai Chi. I used to travel for work. It was interesting to see parks in Hong Kong filled with people practicing Tai Chi.

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You may get some relief from joint supplements like glucosamine/chondroitin +/- MSM. You have to use them for 6 weeks to see if it helps. I've been using them for almost 4 years, since I got a dog with really bad knees, and it helped her, so I started taking them too. It's not a huge difference- I still can't run- but I can walk pain-free now, even up stairs.

I've found that weight training helps a bit, specifically leg curls and leg extensions. I think you can do them at home with exercise bands, but I do them on machines at the gym.

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With no cartilage in your knee nothing will help except a knee replacement.Weight loss will help but getting there with no pain is probably not going to happen.Bike might work better than walking for you.Good luck.

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