Joyce Vedral devotees?

LynnieDecember 4, 2001

Just curious, any of you out there read any of her books and try her tapes? What type of success have you had? And with which book/tape?

Thanks, Lynnie

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Yup, I'm well versed in Joyce Vedral! For 3 years now I've faithfully done her Bottoms Up! and her Definition workout. I love her workouts because you don't need much equipment and they can be done at home. My body has never looked better - well toned; but after 3 years I now desire more muscle weight and so (after my pregnancy) I'm moving on to more serious, heavy lifting. (Bill Pearl is my new favourite expert). Bottom line: Vedral's workouts are great if you're new to bodybuilding. You'll see changes in your body and learn basic bodybuilding routines and exercises.

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