The Good Wife.... waaah!

kristine_caMarch 28, 2014

Is anyone else as bummed as I am about Will Gardner's demise on The Good Wife? I really liked that character, and I loved watching him with Alicia. It won't be the same without that tension! Boo-hoo.

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It was quite a shocker. I had a hard time falling asleep that night!

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I subscribe to the show thru iTunes, and by the time I watched it the news was all over the internet so it wasn't such a shock. We had a similar real
life situation here in Georgia years ago in which an accused person grabbed a bailiff's gun and started shooting....judge and others dead, many wounded. The aftermath was indescribable.

But I did think afterwards, the governor is safe now.....the person who could have provided the most damaging testimony is now dead. Neat trick, writers :-)

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I know , what a shocker that was , I think the show is strong enough to go on without him but stillâ¦..

I usually watch the good wife on monday nights after taping it but this time we were watching in direct.

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I'll miss Will. He was a pivotal player in the drama and without him Alicia is a rather boring, static character. Honestly can't she ever crack a smile? Even around her children she tends to be stone faced. I love the show but I'll miss that spark between the two.

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His death on the show was certainly a well-kept secret.

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The show is a Sunday nite ritual for me. I am going to miss his character big time. I hope the writers think of something to keep my interest . Michael J. Fox is good but the dynamics of Will and Alicia were really good.

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I was also shocked at this recent event on one of my fav shows but suspect they will bring in a new character or perhaps give a lesser character more importance now. Certainly creates more tension in the plot.

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I was shocked as well they killed off Will, although he's one of my favorites, his character this season has been so erratic, he was getting on my nerves. Not enough to kill him tho!

Sunday's episode was so good - I cried. So touching and well done.

I'm hoping Diane and Alicia join forces again and have their own firm.

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I saw the actor on a tv show recently and he seemed to have been surprised about it as well. I got the impression it wasn't his idea.

I used to love that show but every time I turned it on, dh said "Oh no, it's the Boring Wife" and he left the room. lol I like the character Cary Agos too. I haven't watched much of the last season and didn't understand how Cary and Alicia got back together with their own firm and were against the others.

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He may have been surprised that the the writers chose to kill him off, but it was not a surprise to be leaving--that was definitely his choice. He didn't even want to come back for this current season when his contract was up, but the producer and Julianna Margulies convinced him to come back for at least half the season in order to write out the character in a way that served the show--otherwise he just would have been missing this season.

Reasons for Cary leaving to start his own firm are too long to detail, but I think the reason Alicia joined him was because she felt she needed to get away from Will if her marriage was going to survive. I will really miss watching those two together--they had such good chemistry.

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Aha, thank you Kristine.

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