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FelanDecember 3, 2001

Hello all .... I'm looking into purchasing the Tony Little Gazelle Freestyle and would like to hear everyone's opinions on it. I've read what I could find on it here the the forums and read the good things people had to say on the XL Glider and the Mia Finnegan Glider from QVC. I don't have a credit card, so the only way I can purchase any of these machines is with a WalMart card ( has the Gazelle for $198.88) or someplace that would take a check. Also ... I would love to hear about the stability of these machines ... I am very near the 300 lb limit on the Gazelle and am fearful that I may damage the machines. But I am proud of myself -- I have lost 45 pounds since February 2001 with change in diet and adding just walking to my daily lifestyle!

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Congratulations on your weight lost! This machine will help you even more! I have lost over 20 pounds just with this!
Wal Mart had the Gazelle on sale for 99.00!
My sister was impressed with how much I like it and bought her self one. She weighs close to 300lbs and is using it like crazy! We have the xl glider though. The Gazelle is supposed to hold more weight. These machines are very sturdy!
Good luck and go for it!

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Hello Felan,
I am sorry I don't have any advise pertaining to the product you are inquiring about.
However, maybe I can be of help reguarding your lack of a credit card, or at least give you some advice on aquiring some of the conveniences that a credit card affords you.
Are you aware that a debit card, or ATM (automated teller machine) card, basically works just like a credit card?
Because of my lack of credit, I have not been able to get a credit card (or at least one with a less then ridiculous interest rate). But to my suprise I have found that when ordering items that I have seen on TV, I still have the freedom to choose the payment plan option. In some cases, I am not even sure if they can tell a credit card from a debit card. When, they ask what type of card I have, I simply reply, Visa and go on to give the required information. The payments are deducted directly from my checking account. However, I believe you can also have debit cards linked to other types of accounts, such as savings.
Check it out! Once you get one, you'll wonder how you ever got along with out it. Just make sure your bank deals with one of the major companies, (for example mine is uses Visa) and make sure you don't get an account with allot of, or high service charges. Most banks offer economy checking accounts, or free savings accounts. For example, my checking account doesn't earn interest but there are no charges for card use, and no limit on check use as long as I keep at least $100 in the account.
Try it you'll love having one!

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I have an XL glider, if you can get a Gazelle at Walmart for 99.00, do it. They are supposed to hold more weight. I love my glider. This is one piece of equipment that I do not regret purchasing. I use it all of the time, and I have trimmed down considerably. It's easier on the joints that treadmills and steppers, and gives you more of a work out. I feel it all over.I started out doing 10 min. then upped to 15, then to 25, now I do about 30 - 25 min, higher impact. It tells you how many cals your are burning and how long you've been using it. Take you measurements before you start so that you can chart your progress, I did and I can't believe how my shape has improved. Feel free to email me.

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Janet Mac,
I agree, I love my debit card too but I believe you don't have the ability to dispute a charge like you would a regular credit card. You might want to check into it maybe you can now but it seems at one time you couldn't and I just have thought it is still that way.

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I forgot to mention that since I've been "shopping" online, I found that some companies sell your credit card information and I have had charges on my account for different membership type organizations like an insurance place for instance, when in fact, I have insurance through my employer so there's no way I would have signed myself up for anything like that. There's a lot of unscrupulous telemarketing businesses out there that will sign people up if they have their numbers and take the commission from the companies they're calling for and leaving the companies to reimburse the poor unsuspecting victim.

I know this is a diet forum but I had to vent...AHHHHH. All better now.

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This should be **REQUIRED READING** for those of you who, like myself, are dedicated e-commerce shoppers (as long as you use Visa - can't vouch for MasterCard, Discover or AmEx).

And yes, you can dispute charges on your Visa debit card as well. The link to has a lot of tips and info!

Note: If you're outside the USA, just go to - there's a country selector there...

Here is a link that might be useful: Secure with Visa (USA)

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Hello, I've never posted anything in any forum before. But since I feel I've benefited from this forum, I'm obligated to share what I found out. Thanks for messages from Janinie, Nancy(tiredmom), Susan, Eric, etc., I'd ordered XL glider from QVC before Thanksgiving. Then the ad from after-Thanksgiving sale from Walmart had Gazelle Edge for only $94.86! So I cancelled my QVC order & bought one from Walmart on 11/23. A few weeks later, I found Gazelle Freestyle displayed at Sears for the full price of $249.99! The design were the same, but Gazelle Freestyle had U-shaped frame with much larger diameter than my Gazelle Edge(the cross bar & the moving parts appeared similar), the monitor measured heart rate in addition to the 5-function display of time, distance, calorie, speed, & scan on Edge, Edge didn't come with any video tape or bottle holder, & warranty on Edge is only 90 days.
Since both me & my wife are under 160 lb., we're not too concern about warranty & tapes. Gazelle Edge is sturdy enough for us, but someone of heavier built may consider a stronger frame instead. I'd like to know the circumference measurements of U-frame for Gazelle Freestyle, Mia Fannigan, & XL glider. I'll measure my Gazelle Edge & compare with everyone. We like our Edge a lot, since you'll get a lot of exercise in less than 30 minutes. Hope everyone can test one & decide which one to choose.

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