Halloween party

amaqanOctober 2, 2002

I'm searching for all kinds of party ideas. The party will start in afternoon catering to mostly to two toddlers and two 9 year olds. We will be carve pumpkins, snacks and a few games. After dinner we want to scare the hellout of younger teens (12-15) we have a large garage( and around outside)we could use to have them walk thru. Or we could set up areas out in the fields and have them walk thru or take 2-3 out at a time in the 4 wheeler and cart. We could start after dinner with them watching scarry movies to get them "ready"

I have a strobe light,black lights,will be making a ton of stones for the cemetary,stuffed dummies set up to move a leg or arm ect....

But other then just having people jump out at them what else can I do? Any display ideas? Me and one other mom will be doing most of the work..but we will have 8 or 9 able to help that night.

Thanks for any help!


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I remember a Halloween party when I was a "young teen" where we made the spook house with someone's dad's help. It was in a large garage and we set up a fake operating table scene and some other creepy stuff and made up ways to make scary noises. Then the pesky little brothers came to walk through and get scared by us.

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Thank You!
Now that you put it in my mind it seems like an easy set up. Table,sheets,doctors mask,doctors coat...liver bought from store that could be yanked from "victum" and thrown at floor or stuffed in a jar Cheap and EASY idea! Thanks! This type idea is just what we are looking for!

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I am having a halloween carnaval for our family.we will be having a duck pond game, bean bag toss, and simple games like that.

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Do a search for "bucket of guts game." My girlfriend did this for the children's segment of her last party and it was a big hit. There are many variations.

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Also a dungeon is really easy to create. Take Refrigerator boxes open them up and paint large rocks with grey spraypaint. Use a zigzag cardboard to paint around. Then all you need is an old table some rats,glow lights in different old lanterns etc. You can wear black and have scary faces or raggedy clothes. Real fun to keep the room dark and the cardboard works great for walls. Hang webbing down from the ceiling along with pieces of rope so when kids rub into it they get scared!!Sound effects and you ve got a great scary dungeon. Use old chain etc. This is a good one because you can find everything inexpensively.Have Fun!!

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