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noexcusesthistimeDecember 23, 2002

I just bought the winsor pilates 3 tape set (ebay - only $39 and shipped in two days - infomercial is 4-6 weeks).

Anyway, looking for some encouragement on using these consistently and getting results. Any pilates success stories out there?? I have most of my fat around my middle thanks to two kids in two years and 85 pound weight gain.

Any responses would be appreciated! THANKS!!

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Best advice I can give:

When I started in March of 2002, I looked like a total dork doing even the modified beginner version of the moves.

It wasn't long until I started seeing definition in my abs (which, even at my lowest weight I never had). Now, 9 months later, I am still no pro but then I joined with bad tendonitis in my abs, so I still do about half modified moves, and half normal moves.

But I look like an intermediate now (not pro yet but soon!) and to think how dorky I was in the beginning! That phase didn't last long!

Other advice I can give:
If you can't do the whole tape daily, at least do your 100's and leg circles every day if nothing else. This keeps those abs at the ready, and progressing, and the next time you do the whole routine, your muscles will be ready to progress to the next level.

By the way, pilates got me past my tendonitis when nothing else has worked!

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Hi Karen,
I don't have the Windsor Pilates tapes, I just bought the one from Ana you know anything about it? Just wondering if I should buy the Windsor set instead......

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Meg, i just the one by Ana Caban,the beginning mat workout. Does anyone have this? Just curious, as i have never did pilates before.
I posted last week, asking if anyone had the Denise Austin stretch and tone pilate system. I got no response, so i guess no one has it or knows anything about it.
I sure am glad to see someone posting here.
I was wondering what kind of exercise everyone is doing, and whats good.
I have the walk away the pounds tape and like it.

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Yippee, so glad I started a new pilates string of messages!! I started the Winsor tape YESTERDAY - 20 minutes basic instruction and I am sore, sore, sore, but that good hurt where you know you did something and I cant wait to do it again - decided I will start out every other day, I am very out of shape. It is tough but I would imagine you get results, I definitely felt it. I have a hard time with the breathing and a question for regular pilates people please....are the five breaths like lamaze breaths, quick OR are is it one long continuous breath counting to five??? I think I was breathing wrong, I was trying to pay attention to the moves. This Mari Winsor is good, shows you modified moves and she explains very simply. She is concerned about not hurting your back. At any rate, I am going to stick to this and would love to compare notes with any new pilates people to keep motivated...4 months to summer!!!!!

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I've been sporadically doing the Ana Caban beginners' mat workout, but would like to get into a continuous routine starting this week. i'll definitely keep people posted on my results.

I took a pilates class on a trip to a spa last fall and really enjoyed it, and had also done pilates-inspired workouts from the method exercise video series.
For about a month or so last fall/winter (my post-spa exercise enthusiasm!) I did the ana caban video and also tried to do tae bo once or twice a week. Definitely noticed definition in my abs, which had not been there before, and I think it's the pilates because I was more committed to it than tae bo (did the pilates 3-4 times a week).

Those modest results, plus the bodies of the instructors at the spa, made me a pilates believer.

Oh, in my class I was told the five breaths are 5 quick breaths; ie, multiple short inhales to make up one big breath, and then the 5 short exhales to fully empty the lungs.

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Thanks everyone.....mine is the beginner mat work out too.........I go to the gym for weight training and cardio, any suggestions how frequent I should do the tape? I'm going to start tomorrow nite, it would be great to keep up with each other, to see how quickly we see results!

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With any exercise program -

Start slow until your muscles get the idea, and KEEP doing it for at least 3 months before you decide if it's working or not.

You don't want to leap into the advanced stuff, sprain something and end up on the couch in a sling.

MEASURE, don't weigh. A pound of muscle is more compact than a pound of fat, and flabby but underweight people can lose inches and gain weight with exercise.

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I am having a really hard time for some reason breathing in and out of my nose, it's just awkward for me. Can anyone explain why using your nose is important, or does it not matter? If it will affect my results, I will try and do the nose breathing. So far I love the Winsor tapes. I ordered from ebay because the Winsor direct line was a 6-8 week wait and the cost was the same. Looking forward to hearing from more pilates people! thanks!!

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Hmmm...The breathing is important to do correctly. But as far as whether it is thru the nose or thru the mouth, I haven't heard my instructor specify one or the other. Just that you do the In and Out when you are supposed to, during that particular move.

Speaking of noses, I have a slight deviated septum on one side of my nose (think it is from an accident I had about 2 years ago where I slightly broke my nose). So I have trouble breathing out of that one side. I have found that saline spray really helps open it up, and since there's no medication, I don't have to worry that it's not a good thing to do. But it really helps my breathing.

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The reason they say to breathe through your nose is that your nose hairs are there to filter the air. Having said that, whenever I do cardio exercise (running, stepper, etc), I breathe through my mouth. Otherwise, I'd never get enough air.

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Hi Folks!

Believe it or not I just bought the Ana Caban Pilates beginner workout tape about a week or so ago. I've done it (almost) every other day and it's kinda fun! I know what you all mean about the breathing. Also, I can't outstretch my legs straight. They bend. When I'm on my back. I just keep going and trying...eventually I will hopefully stretch out a little. Anyway, just finding this string of messages got me excited to do it again as I don't know anyone else doing it (though, I had my DH do it w/me once last weekend!! Now I feel like I have some pals I can check in with and see how it's going. I'm hoping to gain some muscle tone and flexability and improve my posture. Ana Caban has an awsome figure and she is cheerful but not syrupy annoying.

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Don't worry, I had zero flexibility when I started. Talk about awkward. But now I look not so bad doing all the moves!

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I picked up pilates for dummies!!! for a whole 6.95
Best purchase I've made in a long time!! I don't mind doing it,and I see a big difference in how limber I am in just a week.I hate to sweat so this is for me.
Good luck to all of us!

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What time is it you all like to do it? I prefer morning but lately, I've fallen off my routine and haven't done it. I hope to start again today. I feel guilty that I broke my routine.

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The choice you make of "when" should solely be based on a time that fits into your routine, and can be stuck to over the long haul, in a typical day for you.

For example, I know folks that go do it early in the morning. That does not fit into my daily routine, so I either work out on lunch breaks or after work in the evening. If I were to try to do what she does, I would quickly get out of the 'routine' and never keep it up.

Never ever feel guilty of the broken routine.

Several ways to look at it.

* Doing it is always better than not. No matter how many days you've missed.

* They recommend on average 20 minutes 3 days a week. So if you shoot for 'at least' 3 days, then it's much more achievable. And if you go over 3 days that's ok too! But at least there's nothing to feel guilty about.

* Pat yourself on the back for OTHER things you've done well, in the big scheme of things. Such as: Did you eat 5 fruits and veggies that day? Did you park your car way out and walk a bit? Did you drink water? Some days you may only do one thing right. But that's ONE THING! Big pat on the back!!!

And finally, one more note:

* Beating yourself up does NOT count as exercise. STOP IT!!!

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I just bought a DVD by Louise Solomon--Yoga & Pilates/The Total Body Toner (also known as Yogalates). Anyone familiar with this? I looked at several pilates videos before I bought, but what sold me on this one was that it had 4 different workouts. I thought this might break it up a bit for me. I have never done Yoga or Pilates though, so I'm not sure if this was a good choice. Anyone ever used this? Would this be too hard for a beginner?

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My sister recommended I start pilates when she heard I have tendonitis of the wrist. Iv been on workman comp for a month now.
My question is should I wait until I'm over it? Or would pilates be beneficial in healing tendonitis?


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