Anyone here heard of Puralin or tried it???

Sue HartDecember 11, 2001

It's a new appetite supressant made by homeopathic doctors. Supposed to be safe and not interact with other meds....I bought some yesterday and tried it last night. I actually think it may work! We'll see....I'll let you know how I do today! Oh...and it's cheap! Only 5.75 for 40 take 1 twice a day!

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I purchased it about a year ago but it did'nt work for me.

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Sue H: Cute schnauzer, I have one - she's my baby. I have tried Puralin, it seems to decrease my appetite, that is, when I can REMEMBER to take it! I have another box just waiting to be opened the day after Christmas!

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i just brought some i let u know how it goes

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