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nancysDecember 18, 2001

I just got the program and I am planning to start right after Christmas. Is there someplace that I can find recipes? As is, the diet looks very bland, which I know will be difficult for me. I specifically would like some soup or stew ideas for the chicken and fish. I'm a type A.

Also, does anyone know of a good appetite suppressant? I know I will need one, as the amount of food on this diet is a lot less than I'm used to eating.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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chck out the Providia web site. Lots of help and people.
Good luck!


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This is my 2nd week on the program. There are some recipes posted in the messages boards. Another place that has recipes is: http://www.jonsplace.org/rec/rec0.htm.

Restrictive? Yes and no. In general, you're cutting salt, sugar and dairy. Forget about sodas. They have alot of sodium and are not allowed. Besides, the plan calls for drinking 100 oz of water everyday so there won't be room for them. Depending on your plan there may be a few more things that you have to cut.

On the other hand there are alot of things you can eat. You'll probably discover alot of foods you like and never tried before. Cutting the salt is hard. At first you really miss it and everything does taste bland, but you get used to it and then actually feel better. Cutting the salt out also helps with things like high blood pressure, etc.

You will NOT need an appetite supressant. This I can pretty much guarantee. Most people find that this is alot of food. You're eating every 2-3 hours and protein is a part of almost every meal in 2 oz portions. You'll probably always be full and even start dreading meals because you're so full until your metabolism adjusts. That's really the whole point of the program -- to speed up your metabolism.

Overall, this is a healthy way to eat. You're cutting out things that we already know are unhealthy and make us fat and starting to eat balanced, well portioned meals.

The water intake alone has made this worth it for me. Before this, I drank at least 6 Mountain Dews a day and not even the diet variety. I also now actually eat rather than starving myself in the hopes of cutting calories. And I'm eating more fruits and vegetable on a daily basis than I ever have before. I get to sleep easier and more soundly probably because of all the caffeine I'm not drinking. I don't miss the caffeine at all, the carbs and protein keep me going all day long.

Most people are very successful with this program but it does take disciple and really wanting it work. If you follow it, you will loose weight and be healthier too.


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Hi all,
Chantel it is good to see you are still around!! This way of life is wonderful... Nancy you wont need a suppresant, this diet after a few days works in such a way one just isnt hungry. I started this plan on oct 11 and now have lost 45.5 pounds, it is incredible and
I am thrilled
Going away on Friday for two weeks a tad nervous but nonethe less going to go and am taking a hiatus...without a kitchen and being in disney I thought long and hard and decided to do Atkins diet, but as soon as I am back home I will continue this way of life ...have already cooked my meals and froze them for my return.... I wish you all a happy and healthy Holiday
and remember nothing tastes as good as losing weight feels..

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IF there is anyone out there that can help me : I'm a college student with little money to spare but I was really impressed by the Michael Thurmond 6 week body sculpting program. I was wondering if anyone who owns the program would be willing to xerow and duplicate the program and sell it to me for a fraction of the cost. I would also pay for xeroxing fees, shipping etc. I would appreciate anyones feedback. You can conntact me at zzladybugzz@hotmail.com
THanks ladybug82

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