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mtazDecember 11, 2001


The problem I'm having is that I've been jumping rope for about 3 weeks now, since I just started jumping I'm taking it slow and then working up to jumping for longer intervals. Right now I jump for 1/2 hour every day and I jump for 35 seconds take a break for 1 min and 55 secs and then jump for 35 secs and I do this for 1/2 hr. Slowly I 'm going to increase the jumping time and decrease the resting time until I can jump for 1/2 hour straight. Now, my problem is that my shins, the bone that runs down from the front of my knee to the front of my ankle, have been so sore. I stretch (especially my legs) before and after but the bone hurts, it's sore. Is this normal? I used to run but cause of winter I stay inside but running didn't ever hurt like that. I mean i'm not hurling over in pain or anything but if i touch the bone it's sore. Do u think the jumping is causing this? Does this happen to anyone else? Can I do something about it.

Thanks in advance

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You have shin splints. And boy do they HURT!!!! I used to get them in high school from basketball. All that running on the hard surface I guess. I'm sure the jumping rope caused them.

High school was a long time ago but it seems like they took a long time to go away. Do a search on Yahoo Health or something maybe you can get some info on how to take care of them.

I did hear that a good way to strengthen that area of the shin is to sit in a chair, feet flat on the floor, and repeatedly lift the front of your feet up and down (keeping heels on the floor).

Hope this helps.

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I look into that, thanks so much for u'r help, it helps if you know at least where to start from.
thanks agaub

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