Walk Away the Pounds #7 - 12/26 thru 12/31

kathyg7777December 26, 2003

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was great! I managed to really enjoy myself without overindulging. My weigh-in is Sunday but I would be willing to bet I either maintained or possibly lost a little. My son is having a couple of friends over today so while they are busy with their video games, I plan on working out. Will check in later.

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So much for working out while they're playing video games, LOL. Plus I ate right along with them: Taco Bell and pizza. I must have lost during the week because I managed to eat all that and at this morning's weigh-in, I stayed exactly the same as last week. BUT (and that's a big but, LOL), the holidays are over and now I am going to buckle down and really get a consistent workout program going. Before you know it, spring will be here and I plan on being at my goal weight by then!

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Hi Kathy! Sounds like your having fun, lol!
I have made up my mind to wait until Jan 2nd to start my workout program. Too much going on right now. I also gained a couple pounds over the holidays, ....not good! I know, I can loose them, but....!
If I get a workout in before then, I will be sure to post it, trust me, lol! The grandkids are off this week, and I have plans to do stuff, so not sure working out is in the plans, lol! Wanda

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