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nhsuzanneNovember 8, 2004

Good Morning All,

Wake up and tell us how your weekend was! The weather was beautiful here and I got two really nice rides in. Also attended my clubs, (Granite State Carriage Association and I am VP of Planning), planning meeting. We have an average of two events per month April through October for 2005. This is very exciting as our club and participation is growing by leaps and bounds. Several new places to drive this year including Mohonk Mountain in New Plaz, NY. Raeanne, ever heard of it?

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Suzanne - Yes, I have heard of Mohonk Mountain in New Paltz. It is beautiful, there is a gorgeous place called Mohonk Mountain Manor or House. I have only been through there a couple of times. New Paltz is probably 2 1/2 hours from me, it is closer to DeeMarie. Sounds like you had a great weekend.

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I forgot to mention that we could see the northern lights last night. I am taking a drive up the mountain to see if they are visible tonight too. I am taking that as a sign to go to Alaska!

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What time did you see the northern lights Raeanne? I hadn't watched any tv last week to even hear that they were visible. This morning I heard that they saw them all the way to Alabama! Unusual. I have seen them before and they are nothing short of spectacular!

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Suzanne - My husband went to walk to the dog around 10:30 and he started to yell for me to come out. We live a short distance from town, so there is some light around us. We didn't know about them, but someone said they heard they should be visible tonight too.

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I always wanted to see the northern lights. Would love to do an Alaska Trip to see them.

The weather has been great here. Had friends over Friday Night.. Made appetizers and then sent out for Pizza. Shame on me. Saturday, layed low, housework and such. Sunday went to Ft. Myers Beach with DH and friends. Had a great time. Watched the sunset on the beach with DH... it was very romantic. The beach was very crowded. Which is nice, considering a couple weeks ago when DH and I went, we hardly saw anyone. So I guess snowbirds have started early this year.

We are going to a boat show this coming Saturday with a group of friends, two of us are looking for boats. So that should be a blast.

DH mentioned this morning that tonight we are gonna go for a nice long walk, that I am going to go wether he has to drag me by the collar or pull me from behind.....LOL. My little coach. I think I'll go voluntarily tonight. But could be interesting if I put up a fight????????? LOL.

Joanne - ((HUG)) I think I missed your post on the fire....So sorry about your loss. I hope the family can heal from this somehow. UGH....I don't want to even imagine such tragedy....

I'll Check in later.....been very busy at work.

Take Care - Lynn

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Lynn, you should check your local websites for astronomy as our weather man said the norhtern lights were visible down in Alabama last night which is very unusual but certainly you might get a sight of them in the right setting.

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Good Morning All,

It's quite frosty here at 20 degress at 5am! Burrrrrr frozen water buckets for sure.

Lynn, I searched for info for you on viewing Aurora Borealis in the south but could not find anything. It's quite active here in the north and we had a great viewing of it last night after the snow cleared out!! Look at the link I posted below.

Some of you might remember when I was camping a couple of years ago with my horses and I wrote about seeing Auroral Borelais. When I was searching for links for Lynn I came across an article that someone wrote who was actually a couple of towns away from where we were that night! Isn't that neat? There are pictures posted too for you to see. I think it's neat so take a look.

It's Tuesday. Make it a good one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aurora Borealis

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Thanks to everyone for your kind words and especially BJ - you always know what to say in these difficult times.
It is such a horrible thing to happen that your mind just doesn't want to even think of details. Unfortunately, the coroners office gives you a harsh dose of reality when you finally get the report. It has just devastated everyone. But life goes on and now we have to be there to help her children who are really struggling.

Well, it snowed here last night, very pretty, but way too soon for me! My daughter loves winter so she is as happy as a lark, she does not like the hot weather at all and stays inside most of the summer. She also has the most beautiful skin I have ever seen, a real "English Rose" complexion.

I am reading through some of the past posts and trying to get got up on everyones activities. I see we have some new people (at least new to me) welcome and I look forward to getting to know you all.

Take care

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Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I had a very busy weekend.I was in charge of a banquet for 200 people at church. Spent all Saturday setting up and all day Sunday working , serving and cleaning up. The food was catered ( thank goodness!)and the person ordering ordered WAY TOO MUCH food, so we all took home a tray filled with enchiladas, tamales, rice and beans. DS practically inhaled those leftovers so they won't end up on my hips LOL!

It's cold and overcast here today. I'm going to try to get done early today so that I can work in the garden for awhile this afternoon.

Hi Joanne, nice to "meet you"!

NHSuzanne, I hope you got that recipe for the pork loin roast that I put over at the cooking forum in response to your post. Email me if you have any questions.I usually finish mine on the smoker over mesquite and apple wood. Yumm!

I would love to see the Northern Lights again! Enjoy!

Stay strong, stay well,


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Hellllllllooooooooooooooooo out there....................can anybody here me??????????????????

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Suzanne is that youuuuuuuuuuu???

I hope everyone is up to something fun. I wanted to wish DeeMarie a Bon Voyage, but forgot to post it yesterday - darn.

We decided not to go to Alaska, but booked a trip to Costa Rica instead, we are going in February and I can hardly wait.

Tikanis - sounded like quite an event you were involved with - I guess DS is happy you did LOL. I checked out the recipes you posted on the cooking forum and they sound great. When I start cooking again - I will try them. I just haven't been in the mood to cook at all and I am getting tired of restaurant food.

Joanne - I continue to send prayers and positive thoughts to those children.

BJ - that was a beautiful post you wrote to Joanne, and she is right, you always know the right thing to say when a tragedy strikes, you are very in-tune. I don't think I remember you mentioning that fire before, that is quite an experience at such a young age. I remember coming home from school once and seeing fire engines in front of my house - I nearly had a heart attack, I think I was about 9 yrs old. Thankfully, it was just a little fire at my next door neighbors house.

Marci - I am on Sauce Patrol tomorrow. I wanted to make a big pot to take to DD's when we go to the city for a wedding on Friday. I know it will go to good use there and even be appreciated LOL.

I gotta run, behind in doing my ads for work.

If I don't check in tomorrow, have a great weekend, I will be off the Newark NJ for a wedding on Friday.

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Good morning all!

Well, I lived through the convention. I didn't get elected to a state directorship position (I was nominated, just didn't tell anyone), and I did get elected to treasurer from my district. The classes were great, and getting to see old friends is always fun. We stayed at a really nice, chain hotel, and Friday was quiet. Then Chuck-E-Cheese h3ll started on Saturday morning, and you know you're in for it when the door on the room next to yours has a sign that says "THE PARTY IS HERE", and the door is open enough to see about 6 screaming kids between 10 to 14 jumping on beds. The hotel was simply overrun with drinking, oblivious parents, and out-of-control kids. My roommate (who is a public school teacher, and has been one for 41 years)and I were appalled. I asked at the desk, and the desk told me that it (the hotel) had become the breeding ground for parents to get a room on a weekend night, hunker down with other drinking prarents, and let the kids run wild. That was why I had to sign a 'rules' list when I checked in. Unreal. If this is our future, then I shudder.

OK--off my box--and if I sound harsh, then I apologize. Nothing will get my goat faster than rude behavior.

The Fort Knox show was great--lovely people on post. They have my admiration and gratitude. I was talking with one vendor, and her DH is getting deployed mid-Dec to the middle East. She was calm, and I tried to put myself in her shoes--no words, but bless her heart--

For the Christmas exchange, I have:


Have I missed anyone? Or have I accidentially put in your name? Please let me know, as I'm going to get Rog to draw this weekend--

Gotta go--hope all is well!



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Hi! I'm way behind & haven't read up on what is going on. Dave had another catherization Tuesday & everything was fine so we are happy about that. I'm going to try to print out some pages & catch up. I feel so lost! I posted a new recipe that I thought sounded good & of course it had spinach in it! LOL

Have a happy day! Patti :)

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Maddie~Please add my name to the Christmas exchange! I've really been excited for it to come this year. Thanks. Patti :)

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Patti!!!! Our long lost sister!!! How good to see you posT!! I've missed you, and I've added your name to the list! ((((Hugs))) to you and Dave!!!


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I'm doing the "Happy, happy, Joy, joy" dance now! LOL I've caught up at least with everything from the 1st of this month. I think that my dues are about to be up around the first of Dec., although, I'm not certain. We'll see anyway. It was good to catch up & [[[ H U G S ]]] out to everyone who need them, congratulations out to those who deserve them & to those of us who need a BIG push--"Never, never give up!" Amen to that. LOL

Shout out to everyone & I'm happy to be back! Patti :)

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Greetings from the Coral Princess, where we are about 12 hours from Costa Rica! The ship is lovely, and we're having a great time.

Been watching the eating, but could not resist a wonderful papaya sorbet last night (yummers). My trick is to order the broth-based soups, salad with no dressking, and anything seafood! Low points and very filling....not sure how I'm doing, but I'm having a great time.

Getting over the worst cold I've had in years. The runny nose and coughing was awful for a few days, but this morning I'm lots better.

OK, gotta go, as I'm paying by the minute; however, I'm watching all of you!!!!

You can watch us online, as I think they have a web cam here on the ship!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!!!

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HI PATTI! Thanks for popping in!

DeeMarie~ We're watching YOU!!!!! Have fun! And go stand in front of the "Bridge Cam" once in a while!

I'm off to my agonizing sculpture class---4 more Saturdays to go.

Here is a link that might be useful: Coral Princess Bridge Cam

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DeeMarie - the Coral Princess was the boat we were thinking of going to Alaska on. I have to go check out the cam and wave to you.

Patti - Spike will send you a notice. He must send them out about a month before it expires. I got one last week. Keep posting and give Dave a hug.

Maddie - Tell me more about this State Directorship thing - you are so sneaky LOL - I don't think I even know what a State Directorship is.

NH Suzanne - I have a very personal question - what size shoe do you wear? No, I'm not knitting you a pair of socks LOL.

We had a great time at the wedding. We even got to see some relatives from CA and TX that we hadn't seen in ages. It was fun, but exhausting. I am still tired.

Will be back later.

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Raeanne~Spike did send me a notice almost as soon as I posted it. LOL I knew that it was getting close to time. I'm glad that you got to see some of your relatives that you hadn't seen in a while.

BJ~Thanks for the link.

DeeMarie~Are you standing in front of it now so we can see you enjoying yourself? :)

I have my yearly mammogram tomorrow & Dave sees the cardiologist to get his results. The VA is giving us trouble about paying his bills although they did say that it is service connected. It's always something. Patti :)

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Raeanne~ Are you off the sauce yet? :)

I made a huge pot full of Italian sausage/split pea soup today. It turned out nicely and should last half a week, unless DH gets hungry. lol. I made tomato bisque for him, about 7 cups worth. I like making soups in the wintertime; keeps the weight in check, I guess.

A bunch of gals from the school here want to go to the Oprah show and they are trying to get a large group of travelers together. It would be fun, but strange, I'm sure. I put my name in the hat.

DeeMarie, glad to hear your cold's better...probably all that NICE weather. I want to go cruisin' too!

Maddie! Congrats on the treasurer deal.

NHSuzanne~ I keep forgetting to comment on your photo. One word - LOVELY. You look marvelous and the horse looks spunky! What a beautiful day that was. I love the setting - where is that cemetery? It looks well- kept and peaceful. I love the places that allow monuments. They're all so unique.

Well, all for now. I have a strange question for tomorrow, but it needs an explanation with it and I am fried for tonight.

Patti! Keep posting, woman! :)

My terra cotta mask got it's 3rd and final firing last week, so I'll take a pic and send it along to Marci. My classmates said my mask was "trippy". One gal threw hers in the trash on the way out of class. One other one said it was the newest addition to her room full of useless art. We all joke around about our lack of talent. The class is a challenge, but it's not impossible! I am almost finished with my clay sculpture guy. He has changed into a muscular kneeling man holding his hands out to warm them over a fire. We'll see what he ends up to be. The next project is a sculpture of a foot--- hmm--I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Nighty night.

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