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cocoonerDecember 1, 2004

What do folks here pay for their gyms? I looked into joining my local Curves. I just wanted a "cold weather workout", for in spring I'd be outside again. So I wanted something to do from now until the end of March. They wanted a $74 initiation fee, plus $39/month. So for four months, that would cost $230, or $57.50/month. The place doesn't even have a shower.

I wonder if another gym would be more reasonable. What do others pay?


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My gym cost $35 a month, which includes child care. They recently lowered my rates as I had been a long-time member and a new gym - their first real competition - opened just down the road so they dropped their rates some. I think I was paying almost $50 a month before they dropped the rates. Gym has over 90 classes a week (including pilates and yoga), plus tons of cardio equipment, weight room, indoor track, pool, sauna, whirlpool, etc. ~ Suzie

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24 hour fitness costs me $37 per month, and it was over $200 in signing fees. If I were you I'd save the $$ and figure out how to workout at home (exercise videos, used equipment, etc), esp. since it's only for the winter. I'm gradually moving more toward a home workout routine rather than the gym - I just don't like going out in the cold during the winter to get to the gym (call me lazy...). ;-)

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I go to the YMCA, and pay $30/month, which includes child care (for six hours a day, morning and evening). I don't remember any start-up fee, and I know you can stop at any time.

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I pay abt $25.00 per month for my membership but I joined through work at a corporate rate. It is regularly $45.00 per month(if you don't qualify for a corporate rate).They have lots of equipment, showers, hot tubs, steam rooms, a womens center. They also have lots of classes--pilates, yoga, step aerobics, body pump, etc. There was no setup fee if I joined by either payroll deduction or bank draft.
The equipment in the women's center is set up to taget the different zones of your body--its really great. I've only been going about 6 weeks. Haven't lost a lot of wt but have gone down a pant size. But I feel better than I have in a long time.

Before the weather gone rainy and cold here in AR--I was going to the track for 2 miles most days. A few wks ago I joined the health club (for the winter)but now that I've experienced it --I may stay. I have a Total Gym Platinum at home. It gives a great workout and can be purchased for abt $250. I have to admit though that the Total Gym is getting used more and more effectivly since my gym visits have started. I guess the gym equipment just made me understand how to get a better workout.

Good Luck!

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My Y is $75/month and a $150 join fee.

Our local gyms are:

$300-$700 to join
$100-$200 per month

The Y was the best alternative.

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We have a gym at work, and the cost is $150. a year. Many of us joined, but most of us are too lazy to walk down the steps and use it. My desire is to be able to use that eliptical machine and not fall off (!) or get so winded in the first coupla times that I want to fall off.

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We are so fortunate in our community. When they built the new school, they put in a fitness center that is open to the public. It has state of the art equipment, including weights, several treadmills, eliptical equiment, an indoor walking/running track, plus many levels of aerobics, pilates, dance, and nutrition classes. Cost is $15.00 a month or $165 per yr for everything except classes. For $20.00 a month, you get EVERYTHING. There are no showers or babysitting services, and public hours are 5:30 am to 9:30 am, and 3:00 pm to 9:30 pm. Can't beat the price. Plus the staff includes a cardiac nurse and a certified EMT.

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We have a great one in the mall. Yes, The Mall Eastside Indpls In Washington Square! $30 mth no contracts!!!! They have specials monthly!

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I told my sister about the one in Indy, since she just lives a couple of miles away, do you feel safe going there, she felt a little concerned?

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Yes the gym is safe, as is the mall. They have security in the mall and the parking lot. I have never felt threatened at all...! I'm glad I joined, there are alot of friendly people to meet. As well as the owners. He used to be a profesional body builder. On display are pictures and trophies he's won. He also sets you up on your personal program. It's worth checking out! I'm glad I did!

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Thanks I will tell her that.

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I'm with Jamie. In the time it takes to drive to the gym I could work out at home, plus it occurred to me it was kind of dumb for me to pay for gym membership and then turn around and pay for someone to clean my house.

I set a timer and clean FAST and kill two birds with one stone. I also bought some videos to do it at home. I like Walk Away The Pounds more than I thought I would. I got it cheap on ebay along with a couple of yoga videos.

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I checked out a local gym, they want $54 a month and if you want to cancel, you must give them 45 days notice.

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WoW, Jannie, I think I'd keep checking around! The gym I go, to doesn't have a fee, or any extra Co$t$. What about a Local YMCA!

Rosieo, If I saved the money and worked out at home the only thing that would get done were things that I'd think about that needed done while I was working out! Like....I need to get some laundry going or ...hmmm the bathroom needs cleaned...or etc etc!

Going to the gym, for me, gives me time for me! What works for some, doesn't for others!

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Do you have a Jr. College nearby? I took a Step Aeropics class back when I was enrolled in classes (early 1990's). I think it counted as a 1 credit-hour class, (but met twice a week for 1 1/2 hours), and tuition at the school was maybe $75 per hour, with a 3 hour minimum. With classes starting in January and ending in May, that's 4 months worth for $75. Of course, if it was the only class I enrolled in, it would have cost $225, which would put it up there with the cost of gyms. It's at least an idea to look into if you have a local college.


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I am a lifetime member at 24 Hour Fitness and I pay $149 a year w/ an all club (access to any clubs in the U.S) membership. My work reimburse up to $120 (taxable income) a year so I paid about $70 a year. I have been a member for 5 years. I go about 4x a week. When I signed up - I paid about $750 for 1 year and get 2 years free and renew is $149.

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