1st anniversary party ideas?

uspresidiotOctober 7, 2006

My 1st ann is coming up dec 3rd, so we want to have party saturday dec 2nd. I had thought on a chinese theme, it seemed classy and romantic, but husband not so keen, plus the cost of good chinese dishes at our fave restaraunt is vey costly.we also thought maybe just a clebration theme? I want something classy and romantic without ruing our money for christmas.

Just want to know what ideas you all have.


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Isn't the first anniversary paper? You could have a paper theme, with paper lanterns, paper tablecloths, maybe origami... Paper's inexpensive and is appropriate.

You could do a dessert and coffee party, too, to keep costs down. Spend some money on a beautiful cake, have appetizer and dessert trays, with fresh fruit and lots of good coffee and tea.

Cheers, from

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Can I suggest not mentioning your anniversary on the invitations, just inviting people to "a" party? It is a little awkward to be inviting people to a party to which they will feel they are expected to bring a gift, especially just one year after they bought you a wedding and maybe a shower gift. Anyone to whom you are close enough to invite to such a party will know that it is your first anniversary anway, but if you don't call it an anniversary party, there will not be any overtone of fishing for gifts. I know that's not what you are doing, but you might want to be careful not to create any such impression.

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I have to admit I've never been to a First Anniversary Party. Maybe it's a regional thing. Wouldn't you maybe prefer to spend the night alone or maybe use the money on a little weekend trip for yourselves instead? Or, you could just throw a nice holiday party for your friends if you are mainly just wanting to entertain. I find most people (around here anyway) barely celebrate their own anniversary. I doubt they really care about celebrating other people's, unless it's a big one like 25th or 50th, or some other unique circumstance.

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Please tell me that you will be paying for all the food and drinks??...That does make it a bit better...
But generally one does not throw one'self an anniversary party of any sort...short of 25 years...and then it better be a good party and you better be treating for drinks, dinner and anything else.
Linda C

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Gellchom, you are absolutely right, again! "Presence, not presents."

I don't feel anyone has to justify having a party. If we want to get together with friends, whether it's a special occasion or not, there's nothing wrong with that!

Cheers, from

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I should have mentioned this, but my wedding took place in Montana with just my family and friends. I live in San antonio Tx, so all of our friends here plus my in laws didnt come to a wedding, nor give us gfts. So I thought It would be a nice way for everyone here to celebrate it with us. Maybe watch the dvd of the wedding or something like that.

Noone who is coming to the ann party was at the wedding


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Did your friends in San Antonio get invitations to the wedding in Montana? If so, then they would have already given a wedding gift (if they were going to).

If your Texas friends weren't invited to the wedding, then you might want to call this a reception of some type. Maybe someone here knows the etiquette for that situation, or you could post on a wedding forum.

I wouldn't expect gifts, though; I'd just throw the party to celebrate with friends.

Cheers, from

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I am def not doing this for the gifts. And no one here was invited, figured they couldnt make the trip up to mt.

I figured instead of having the reception for my friends last year i would wait until our 1st ann to celebrate it with them then. just figuring out a non tacky way.

any suggestion would be great!


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By the way, I love your nickname!

I think we have already suggested the way to do this in a "nontacky" way. You are not in it for the gifts, so make sure it doesn't come across that way simply by not mentioning your anniversary on the invitations. Although I mentioned that people may have bought you gifts last year, in a way the details you shared about the wedding almost make it seem MORE important that you not seem like you are fishing for gifts; you don't want them to think that the small wedding seemed romantic to you at the time, but now you are regretting not getting more gifts. I also think a year later is too late to call it a "reception," and that for sure would sound to me like a late bid for gifts.

At the party itself, of course, you can do whatever it is that would make it an anniversary party; show the video (if it's not too long; otherwise, maybe have it running on a loop someplace where people can go and see it if they are interested), have a special cake and live music and perhaps a special dance, give romantic anniversary toasts, wear a corsage or perhaps the dress you wore to the wedding (especially if it wasn't a wedding gown), special decorations, etc. And as the other posters pointed out, YOU TREAT for everything.

Your original question was about ideas for a classy and romantic party that won't break the bank. I like swampwitch's idea about desserts. You could have inexpensive champagne and coffee (which keeps down the liquor costs), a sheet cake, perhaps a chocolate fountain or fondue and some sweet trays without spending a fortune. If you want a full meal, brunch is usually cheaper than dinner, and if you did that on Sunday it would be on the anniversary itself. Consider reallocating the budget away from food and drink, too: a single live musician and a few fresh flowers on the tables can make an otherwise inexpensive party seem like a very, very special occasion.

How many people are you thinking of having? What is the weather likely to be like where you are?

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