i want to buy a glider from qvc.com but....im not in us!!!!!

ramnit_basiDecember 27, 2001

I live in Canada, Surrey BC and was wondering if I can buy things from QVC.com. Is this possible or do i have to be in the USA????


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I'd check on the price of shipping it to Canada first. Have you checked the shopping channel for the Gazelle glider? They are Canadian.

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Ok thanx Heather. I did just that and i found out that it will cost me $202.60 canadian. I called them up, but unfortunatly they said that they cannot ship to my location becuase the item was oversised (becuase i live in canada and they have restrictions). I saw the orbitreck elliptical glider on sale for $239.99 in the canadian tire flyer, so i am looking around reading threads to see if it is worth my cash.


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