susan sommers bodyrow

noodlesportlandDecember 29, 2003

has anyone tried this? what did you think? am using a club now but much prefer to workout at home but cannot find a rating on the bodyrow. it is sold in target and k-mart as well as on tv. i wonder if it is a good machine.

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I don't have one, but I know it just came out as a new product recently so that's probably why you haven't seen much in the way of reviews. I've seen her advertise it on Home Shopping Network ( lot of their items can be purchased using FlexPay (monthly installments). If you decide to get it, please post your results here; I would be interested in hearing about it!

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I like working out at home and actually did for 12 years but needed more equipment- this bodyrow is only $199 and is suppose to be no impact and total body. i wonder if it is sturdy and if it is truly a decent machine.

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let's see... for $200, I could buy a fairly ornate staff, a really nice sash, a medicine ball, one of those big yoga balls, a Rodney Yee book or video, and still have enough money over for a trip to the spa...and get a far better workout than any machine I've met yet.

only swimming is no impact...and if it were truely sturdy, there would be a model for use at health clubs.

you'd get a lot more mileage out of sinking that money into 5 Pilates classes, and a basic home kit.

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