Want to relive your childhood? Remember these old TV shows?

maire_cateMarch 15, 2012

I posted this on the KT too. A friend sent me this link this afternoon and I got such a kick out of tuning in to those really old TV shows that fascinated me as a kid.

Captain Video is one of my earliest memories. But there were so many more that I remember.

Sky King

I Remember Mama


The Life of Riley

Sea Hunt

and so many more - So check them out in the original, grainy black and white!

Here is a link that might be useful: Oldies Television

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Pete and Gladys
I Married Joan
Our Miss Brooks

Ah, days of my youth. Thanks for posting the link - I can tell I'll be spending some time there!

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Check on your cable if you get MeTV. They play all sorts of classic shows like The Monkees, Partridge Family, etc. DH watches Svenghouli which he used to watch as kid in Chicago. These are new episodes still on the air. It is not on our HD tier from Time Warner.

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What a great site. I just watched Candice Bergen when she was 11 on You Bet Your Life. Fun.

Finally! I have something to watch when there's "nothing on."

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We were one of the last families in my neighborhood to get a TV, it seems. Many of these shows I never even saw. I do remember Saturday morning line up that I loved, though:

Rin Tin Tin
My Friend Flicka
Sky King

Those were my favorites, but I was not able to find reruns of those.

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This is great, maire cate! I loved Family Affair, Make Room for Daddy, and Dark Shadows. It will be fun to see them again. Thanks!

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Well, my husband is STILL watching Sea Hunt! For those of you in South Florida who have a tuner that will get broadcast stations with the different 'versions', it's on (I think) Channel 39-3, at 5:30 am Tuesday through Sunday.

He loved it as a kid and thankfully he's an early riser anyway.

Although he has taken to referring to himself as Mike, as in Mike Nelson. Sometimes I worry about that man. Most of the time, though, he just makes me laugh.


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I used to watch reruns of I Married Joan, that's a really old one. Wasn't that before I Love Lucy?

A couple years ago I found What's My Line from the 50s on the Game show network and started recording it. What amazed me was how formal the women dressed. Each walked on set, greeted the host in their poofed out skirts or ball gowns and then sat down. Decked to the nines in jewels. Funny how they thought that kind of attire was necessary for a silly game show. I loved watching it to see how young the guest stars were as well as waiting for them to say things like "I'm working on a picture called...." and then name a famous film we all know today as a classic. Or they would refer to the future ...1960! I don't know why but I'm fascinated by these old shows. I keep thinking, "wow, when this show aired I was in a crib!".

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Those were the same shows I watched after early morning
cartoons...then my brother would watch "Sargeant Preston
of the Yukon" (1955-1958...Yikes!)


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Never heard of Sargeant Preston of the Yukon, and I have two older brothers who watched with me! I did find the Sky King reruns, actually, after my first post, and thoroughly enjoyed catching up with some of that. I think I admired Penny because she was female, and could fly an airplane as well as any man, LOL!

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I miss the oldies and that's why I enjoy tuning into the stations who still run some of the reruns. They are so funny to watch. I can watch them with other family members and not have to feel embarrassed or flinch due to bad language or content.

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GScience, Son of Svengolie brings back good memories for me. I still can't say "Berwyn" without at least thinking Berrrrrrrrrrwyn.

Thank you for the link, MC! My 6 y.o. is into Cupcake Wars, and they had a segment about I Love Lucy. Now my girls are hooked on I Love Lucy! A few things aren't the best (smoking, Ricky being condescending) but it's a good way to talk about those topics.

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I Remember Mama. Jeesh, few know this one when mentioned. It was wonderful.

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