Carrot juice, etc.

penelopeaDecember 14, 2002

In order to boost my immune system (I have battled CFS for years), I am making fresh carrot/celery/parsley juice for breakfast. This, of course, is a lot of work - peeling the carrots, washing out the juicer, cleaning up, etc. My question is, how "fresh" must this juice be to be effective? I mean, can I make enough for two days perhaps and refrigerate half?? Thanks.

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If you put it right into the refrigerator,in a FULL container, it should stay fresh.

BE CAREFUL of too much carrot juice. You can turn orange! It's harmless, but vivid.

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Yes, I've heard of some people turning orange too - or w/beets you can have red pee.

Samantha's Juices are good too, a little pricey, but if you are in a pinch, they make carrot, strawberry, straw-banana, etc. and you can get some w/echinacia in it which is supposedly good for immune system or w/extra C.

Stay well. :)

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