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aka_raeanneNovember 19, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Week - I just wanted to get us started and will be back to check in.

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Good Monday morning all,

Hope everyone had a good weekend. My was frosty but good.

Friday we (co-workers and I ) went to see a local production of Dream Girls. It was okay - definitely not Broadway! We had a great dinner at a seafood restaurant.

Saturday and Sunday were freezing! I got some outside stuff done but the wind was howling and it never got above 33 on Saturday and by 2pm on Sunday it was up to 40 brrrrr. I didn't get to ride and that makes me sad.......oh well.

I spent my indoor time getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner. I roasted and pureed two sugar pumpkins for pies, roasted apples for an apple tart, made my pie crusts, baked DS a birthday cake which was Saturday and got the rest of my shopping done! I don't have to go to a grocery store again this week! That feels good.

So, back at work, time for a rest. LOL

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Hi there!

Had a very very busy weekend so could not check in. I worked with DH to get some tasks completed. He needs a push in the right direction for some things and we were on a roll!

[[[[[[[[Besh]]]]]]]]]], I'll do what I can to find resume styles for you. I know some "Information Analysts" so will call in a favor or two if they are around the office this week. Also, check the employment, career builder, even office temp. They have free info that is very up-to-the-minute. I really dislike updating my resume; however, it's actually a requirement here as part of our annual training updates. Good luck to you!

Gotta run; will check in later.

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Good Monday Morning All!

Suzanne~This a.m. on GMA they showed Washington Mountain?, I thought that they said it was in NH. It is supposed to have the most extreme weather. It was very interesting.

I guess that I will start a thread for the recipe that I have & if anyone is interested, then it will be there for them to check out.

Hope everyone has a good week. Ours is looking up to be very busy. I guess that is a good thing though. It looks like we will be busy until after the first of the year. :) Be good to yourselves...Patti :)

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Hello again,

Yes Patti, Mount Washington is in the Presidential range of the White Mountains. Mount Washington is the highest peak in the American northeast and in NH at 6,288 feet. I have climbed this mountain several times. It has a weather observatory on top and yes, the weather is extreme. You will find the link below interesting.

What recipe are you posting? Why not post it here?

Here is a link that might be useful: Mount Washington

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Good Monday afternoon! It's 74 and semi-sunny here today. We're due a cold front on turkey day - down in the low 50's. Woohoo!

I lucked out on my Christmas shopping today for my kids. I feel like I accomplished a lot today. Then, I did my grocery shopping for this coming week. That took a while as the stores were crowded since school is out this week. But, I'm done, I hope! LOL

Much of what I'm fixing for Thanksgiving dinner will be low-carb, but it will be tasty. I bought a Butterball turkey breast since nobody here likes dark meat. I'm going to cook several things Wednesday and refrigerate them until time to warm things for lunch Thursday. My kids will be driving in from the Dallas area that morning.

My eating is right on target, but I'm forgetting to drink enough liquids. I'm still saying "NO" everytime I'm tempted to eat something loaded with carbs. It was torture standing near the check-out stand for so long today smelling all that chocolate and staring at the chip bags, but I got out of there without buying any of it.

Hope everyone is having a successful day!

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Lynn, can you please e:mail me your snail mail addy? You should have my e:mail! Thx!

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Hi goils!

I too had a busy but productive weekend. Got lots of Christmas and Birthday shopping done. (Again I ask myself why I had my kids so close to Christmas! LOL)

DeeMarie - What can I say about that game. :~(
But I would have rather lost to the Jets (I used to love Joe Namath) than Cleveland last week, so I am glad we pulled last weeks' game out. Glad you got to witness a good close game.

Milkdud - I was in the grocery store today and looking at all the candy bars and thinking that they looked so good, and I thought of you saying no. I tell myself that all those candy bars and other treats at the checkout line all taste good, but not one of them is good for me. So I always feel like I won when I come out of the store without anything "funky" in my cart. Good for you! It will get easier, at least it did for me. No is my new favorite word!

NHSuzanne - I am excited to have you as my Christmas partner! My brain is already thinking up some ideas.

Raeanne - Diamond earrings would be nice!!!!! LOL

I am making pies and a pumpkin roll on Wednesday and taking them to my sister's house on Thursday. We are going to my MIL's on Saturday and I am taking a pie there too.

B Kashi H2H, skim milk, ½ banana, black coffee
L Â All-Bran crackers, string cheese, Honey crisp apple, water
S Â almonds
D Â Roast beef, carrots, potatoes, and water
S Â Chocolate Altoid

B Â Baked Oatmeal with blueberries, skim milk and SF cappuccino
L - 2 Turkey-Swiss cheese roll-ups, veggies and dip, black coffee (LCM)
S Â100 cal. SBD whole-wheat crackers
D Â Roast beef, wild rice, broccoli and water
S Â Chocolate Altoid

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Hi all :) I keep coming by and reading and not posting. I seem a lot busier than I used to. I guess part of it is having my own forum to watch over and also trying to write and paint and just maintain. Been working on getting a new power chair for about a year now with one hassle after another. Now it's holidays again.

NHSuzanne - Your description of getting ready for TG sounds so cozy - well, inside anyway, thinking of roasted pumpkin and apple smells and baking cake. Do you have a fireplace?

Patti, I was happy to see the recipe thread first thing. I'm not sure what I'll try this year, but it sounds good. I think for those of us who have to make our way-of-eating a lifetime thing, a few "funky" black olives for holiday cooking work just fine. I remember one year WildChicken posted a recipe for healthy stuffing. Is that still around?

Milkdud, I had to smile at you passing up the chips and chocolate. I'm lucky in some ways that I don't do my own shopping, but it's frustrating in others. When I want chocolate, I take half of an unsweetened baking chocolate square, two ounces cream cheese (you can use low-fat cream cheese, too, if you want to) one tablespoon butter, melt it in the microwave for 50 seconds, add splenda to taste, then stir it all together, smooth it into shape and freeze it. Sometimes I add chopped almonds or walnuts.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving. I'll probably have dinner with my son and granddaughters over Skype. I have a webcam if I can find it, lol.

I've learned so much about the way my body handles different foods over the course of my life. It's like plateaus of understanding. I don't have it all beat yet, but am eating very healthy and reduced carb. I don't think that everyone needs to do reduced carb, and for some it may be the wrong answer. That's one thing that too few eating plans take into account - how different our individual needs may be.

Did anyone see the Oprah show with Dr. Oz and his green smoothies? The next day all the stores here ran out of spinach, which he recommended for the smoothies, lol. I don't know if there was a discussion of it here. I've been doing both vegetable and fruit smoothies for about a week and so loving it because it makes me feel good. This morning I made one of
one floweret broccoli
one sprig fresh parsley
one chunk unsweetened pineapple
one quarter apple
one quarter orange
one quarter tomato
five leaves fresh spinach
one third raw zucchini
one scoop protein powder
one-half teaspoon peach tea crystalite
12 ounces ice water.

I have a couple of the smoothies a day and throw in different things each day, plus take supplements. The rest of the time I eat stir-fried veggies of different kinds with eggs, salmon or tuna mostly for protein, or home-made soup. I get most of my carbs from veggies, some from fruit. Lately I've been drinking soy milk, but my overall carb count is a little high (130 some days). When I first started SS, I lost weight like crazy - 35 lbs in 3 months, which was amazing for me. Then I went on to lose a total of over 100 lbs in 3 years. but I don't lose anymore though I still had more to go, and had even gained some back. I didn't used to eat any "funky" foods except for nuts and avacado, but I do now if it's a good and healthy food.

For lunch today, I had a stir-fry of tomato, onion, garlic, cauliflower, bean sprouts, green pepper and shrimp, with some sho-yu and parmesan cheese sprinkled over. So tasty.

For Thanksgiving, I'm going to see if I can make a healthy pie of some kind. Orange or lemon might be good. I've experimented in the past with making crusts out of nut flower, oat flower, and protein powder. It's still hard and expensive to get groceries here. Right now I'm doing okay though. I've been in Hawaii six years now. I totally focus on eating healthy, but haven't looked at a scale in months. Not sure if that's good or bad. I have to stay away from sugar foods and flour foods of all kinds, even whole wheat. I know not everyone has that problem. If I had one piece of regular cake, it would make me crazy for more, but I can stay away from it altogether without a problem. There are some good low-carb substitutes, though, and I've heard of a low-carb flour called cakeability, but haven't tried it. Anyone here tried it? I think it's made from egg whites.

Donna, hi :) and congratulations on your great start!

Hi to everyone else. Sorry I haven't been around more, but it's so good to come here and see the names I've come to know and love :)

Take care and like Deemarie and others often say
Drink your water, and never, never give up!


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Amy~Glad to see your post. It is good to know that you are still doing all right. It is hard to believe that we moved that long ago, isn't it? We have been here 7 years on March 1. We've been here 7 football seasons. LOL

Suzanne~I really enjoyed reading your link to Mount Washington. And to think that I know someone who has actually been on that mountain. Have you ever taken one of your girls up there? I guess that the weather might be a factor. It is supposed to be so unpredictable...

Well, hope everyone is enjoying a nice evening at home. Patti :)

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Let's wish NHSuzanne a..............
Blow out the candles and make a wish!

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Patti - I forgot to tell you that I got the picture of your darling DGD from Raeanne and posted it in the album. She's a cutie!

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Has it really been a year since we celebrated? WOW, well here goes.........

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU....................
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU....................

I think I got most of how I feel in that verse Suzanne (though I need a nebulizer now!). We all appreciate your humor, honestly, and descriptive narratives of your adventures. Thanks for being here and being you! Enjoy the day and never, never give up!!

Love ya!

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Come on out everyone----you are missing a great party!!!!

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Happy birthday, NHSuzanne! Hope it's one of your best.

And a good Tuesday afternoon to everyone! It's been warm and sunny here until a few minutes ago, and now it's thundering and getting dark at 1:50 in the afternoon. Must be our cool front working its way into the area.

Our Thanksgiving plans keep changing, but the menu is staying the same. LOL Hubby may have to cancel his trip to Louisiana as his boss has called for a meeting with everyone for Friday. Also, my son may have to report to work on Friday in Dallas after all. Everything's up in the air until late tomorrow afternoon. I was upset about things last night, but today, I'm being more philosophical about it.

I'm still eating well. I can finally tell that I'm losing!!! The top I wore today was looser than 3 weeks ago. What a terrific feeling that was.

Amy, it was nice to read your post. Sounds like you are doing pretty well with your eating and with your life.

Marci, I noticed that your evening snack is a Chocolate Altoid. I bought some of those last summer, but forgot all about them until I read your post. Now I've found the tin, and that will be my reward for making it through a day legally!

Patti, nice to read that you've got lots of plans for this week. That's as it should be. Have fun!

Hope y'all have a great and successful day!

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Good afternoon all,

I finally have the chance to post!! Thanks for the birthday wishes and DEE you have outdone yourself once again my friend. Thank you! Hope you didn't need that nebulizer though!! LOL

Amy, it's good to see you post. You diet sounds interesting and healthy. I envy anyone having access to nice fresh produce all year long. Yes, I have a fireplace which is in in my family room and I can look out to it from the kitchen. Cozy is a good word to describe that day of baking!

Patti, no, Mount Washington is not a horse friendly place. I am sure I could get to a certain point but the top is all granite and unsafe for horses. I have climbed other smaller mountains with the horses though. Very challenging work for them.

Mild dud, I am sorry your plans are up in the air but I am glad you are not upset about it any more. Remember, everything is perfect the way it is. Ommmmmmm

Marci, I am excited that I am your Christmas partner too!! I don't know how you can eat one altoid or one of anything for that matter!! What discipline.

Raeanne sent me the greatest e-Card. It's a row of five hens sitting on nests and a light goes on over one's head and I have to click on the hen and on and one and they are clucking happy birthday! At the end one of the hens reveals a huge pile of eggs!! It's so cute I love it. Thanks Raeanne.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUZANNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And many more!

Love, Besh

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I just got back from Saratoga Springs (Suzanne, Dee, Donna LOL) and couldn't wait to post a Happy Birthday message for Suzanne.

Suzanne - Happy birthday to a wonderful woman that is always amazing and amusing us with her vibrant stories on and off the saddle. I am so blessed to have met you not once but twice. I am glad you enjoyed the card, the minute I saw it, I knew I didn't have to look any further LOL. Enjoy your day - I hope it is filled with all that you deserve - only the best!

The roads were treacherous this morning, but I had to go workout and to my painting class - so I ventured out on the sleet/snow mix. So many cars off the road and accidents everywhere. I hope everyone else is experiencing better weather.

Amy - good to hear from you. I missed that episode of Oprah, but I really enjoy it when Dr. Oz is on. Sounds like you found some very healthy and tasty blends for your smoothies.

Marci - I will see what I can do about those earrings, but you may want to mention them to Santa just in case LOL.

Patti - DGD is gorgeous!

B - piece of leftover chicken
L - salad
D - salad, pot roast, cauliflower, my 1/3 funky
no working out, still catching up at work from vacation

Enjoy your day and be safe.

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Hope it is magnificent!!

Quick check in, will be back later. Need to read and catch up.


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NHSuzanne - I hope you are having a wonderful birthday!

Milkdud -When I first saw the ads for the chocolate Altoids, I thought Yuck! But they remind me of a York Peppermint Patty and they really do satisfy me. I let the chocolate melt and then enjoy the minty taste and it fools my brain into thinking it had dessert.

(OK - sometimes I eat TWO chocolate Altoids!! lol)

I am done with school for 6 days! I needed a break as the kids are already getting wound up.

Besh - Hope you get good news concerning your job.

Gotta run, the kitchen buzzer is calling me. I need to get done before Dancing comes on. I don't know who I want to go home tonight, I like them all. But I guess I would pick Jennie or Marie if I had to choose.


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Suzanne~Happy, Happy Birthday! I hope that it was a good one.

We were out & about all day today & accomplished all kinds of good things. It feels good. The eating was off though. I'm so glad to see so many post today.

B: sausage biscuit
O: 2 1/2 slices WW pizza (Di Gorno)

We didn't eat until around 3:30 p.m. or so, so we only had 2 meals today. LOL Have a good evening. Sorry I posted so late. Patti :)

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Happy Bday NHSuz! Did you want snow for you present, if so congrats! you got it! :)

Amy great to see you checking in! What forum are you running?

I busy with work... trying to catch up on reviews and lot of staff have been out sick, so been doing their work too! ugh.

Im short on earned time and my family is having issues this year so im working T day.. and am happy to do it! I could use the extra $$$$$!

anywhoo, back to work

/hugs all around!


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Hope you had a great day and are still celebrating!!!!!

Just a quick hello to all and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

I have been quite busy at work and tonight I have food to prepare to T-day. We have to entertain some out of town guests too. It's all GOOD!!!!! I hope to check in again over the weekend.

Take care!!!!!


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Good Wednesday morning. It's 76 and humid here right now. The cool front obviously won't arrive until sometime during the night as it looks now. :(

I have a lot of straightening and cleaning to do today. I always manage to put things off until the last minute, no matter how much time I have free. Oh, well. I'm thankful I have a house to clean.

I'll be preparing some of my Thanksgiving dinner today so there won't be so much to do tomorrow. At this point, I have no idea who all will show up for dinner, but I'm proceeding as if our original plan will succeed.

John, nice seeing you post! This is the time of year when people start catching things, so eat well and stay healthy so that you can cover for them. (((hugs)))

Hi, Lynn! Take a few minutes when you first get home today and relax before digging in to T-day preparations.

Raeanne, you amaze me with all that you do to enhance yourself - the art classes, the working out. It's such an unselfish thing to do because it's making you a better person and your family benefits from you feeling good about yourself.

Marci, I remember how nice it was to have time off at Thanksgiving when I was teaching preschool. Did you take time for a big sigh of relief? LOL

NHSuzanne, hope your birthday was wonderful.

Hey, Patti. Staying busy seems to agree with you.

Well, time to get busy. Have a successful day, everyone!

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Good WEDNESDAY morning!

Forgot to post my menus over the last several days--

Mon 11/19
B ww english muffin; ff cheese
S pear
L celery sticks; lf ham, roasted peppers on spinach wrap (lf 90cal!)
S string cheese; apple
D (@ Bonefish Grill) chicken eggroll appy; 1 glass pinot grig; crabcake dinner w/ steamed veggies; decaf coffee

Tue 11/20
B rye toast w/ ff cheese
S banana
L spinach wrap w/ ff cheese, lettuce, mustard; celery sticks
S no salt dry-roasted peanuts; lf tortilla chips
D veggie fried (brown) rice (homemade) w/ bit of pork
S 2 cookies

John, thanks for checking in. Please know that you are treating yourself well when you choose to avoid family "issues" no matter what day it is! Also, take to heart the fact that many coworkers are thankful for YOU that you took over for them on this holiday.

We are heading off early tomorrow for my sister's. I hope to be on the road with "real" NY bagels at 7am to arrive at her house between 8:30 and 9am (without NJ turnpike traffic, please!) We have reservations down in Smithville again, so we are all looking forward to good weather (Donna, I'm counting on you to arrange that!)

I probably will not be able to post tomorrow, so I will say it now:

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL OF YOU! No matter what your plans are, know that I'm grateful to have a safe place to come and share my successes, limitations, setbacks, happy times and sad times. Thanks for being here for me!


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Dee~We are thankful for you here too!

Marci~TY for posting the pic of my DGD.

I wanted to come & wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. This has become my refuge over the past 8 years & I don't know what Dave & I would do without this place. We talk about each of you fondly. You have all welcomed him so warmly & it has meant so much to him. We are grateful that we came here. Thanks. Dave & Patti :)

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Have a great Thanksgiving, DeeMarie!

I'm going to have a good one, too, now that I know for sure that my oldest son and his new wife are definitely coming here tomorrow. He thought he'd have to work Friday, but they cancelled as everyone was clocking out today. Just had to share with y'all!

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Happy Thanksgiving all,

I hope you all have a great, healthy meal and don't feel guilty when the day is over!

I am really going to work hard to not over eat and stick to my plan!

More than anything - enjoy your friends and family. This is my favorite holiday!!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Dee, so far we have beautiful weather for you here in Smithville....sunny and warm. They say rain later then turning "seasonably" cold.

Enjoy your day everyone.


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I am thankful for each and everyone of you!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends.

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Good morning all--

Before the craziness of the day takes over, I wanted to say my thanks to all of you. Through out all of the years I have posted here, I've been here in great joy and in great sadness, with high hopes and shattered dreams, and always, always you have welcomed me with open arms, and much love. I am deeply grateful for whatever power that brought me to this place, where I have the pleasure of your company. I have been fortunate to meet several of you, and am looking forward to meeting the rest.

So when I give thanks today, you all will be among my many blessings.

My love & hugs,


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Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving!

I woke up to 42 degrees, sunny and windy here in SE Texas. Brrrrr! But, to me, it's the perfect Thanksgiving weather.

My son and DIL are on their way down here from the Dallas area. I got busy last night and did a lot of my prep work for today. Made devilled eggs, dressing, potatoes, chocolate chess pies, and a pumpkin pie. This morning I need to start the turkey breast, fix my green beans, rolls, and heat the premades.

I hope that wherever you are, and whatever you do, you have a wonderful day. Thank you for your friendship and encouragement here. I'm thankful for that!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We enjoyed our meal of clams boiled in wine & dipped in butter. Smack... Didn't overeat.

Milkdud~It was snowing in Midland this a.m. & then sleeting. This p.m. when I checked in, the snow was coming down even heavier. LOL It is the first time our DGD has seen snow.

It is a beautiful 81 degrees here. We cannot thank you enough for your warmth & understanding. We'll have our chicken & dressing, cranberry sauce, gravy, brussels sprouts, and sweet potatoes this evening. Have to get in some of the bright colors like orange & green & red. LOL It really has been a nice day & we have talked with our families. Ciao! Patti :)

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Good Friday/Black Friday morning! It's cold today, 45.

I had the best Thanksgiving day. My oldest son and his wife came for the weekend. We enjoyed a pretty healthy dinner in the early afternoon. Dinner was a different story! My son fixed a shrimp chowder that was delicious and not in the least healthy. This was definitely a once-a-year dish.

My kitchen is now full of 4 different kinds of homemade cookies made by my DDIL and leftovers from lunch and dinner. They've gone to see Dson's dad and brother and family, and I'm sitting here trying not to think about all the goodies. Tonight, we're going to a great Mexican restaurant here, and I'm praying for strength while I'm there. LOL

Hope everyone is enjoying the day after and being successful at eating and shopping, if that's on your agenda!

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Check in if you have time. ;)

Milkdud~Glad that you had such a nice Thanksgiving. Save some Mexican food for us. We definitely want to get our "fix" while we are there. LOL

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. The weather here is beautiful as always. Patti :)

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Testing one-two-three....

Will check back to see if this post "takes". I can't believe I was able to even log on!!

I sure have missed everyone!!


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Tikanas~I sure am glad to see that you could post. It is nice to have you back. Welcome Stranger! LOL

Happy Saturday, Everyone! Patti :)

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Good Saturday morning! It's cold, 43 degrees, and raining since early this morning with no end in sight! But, that won't stop us from going out for Mexican food at lunch and doing a little shopping later. Oldest DGD needs to do her shopping for her family, and wants me to take her. We'll go as a whole family after lunch, but she and I will sneak off for her to get her business done.

My eating has only been a tad bit off because of the wonderful leftovers. I'm going to have to watch it at the Mexican restaurant, too, as they have delicious green sauce, but nothing but chips with which to eat it. :(

Hope you have a great day whatever you do!

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Ooops! I forgot to say hi to Tikanas! So nice to see you peeking in. I hope you can log in and post once you have time.

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Raeanne, thanks so much for the secret message which arrived in the mail yesterday! lol!!!

Donna, a huge thank-you for the weather. It was spectacular! I even got some shopping completed before we had dinner. Lovely day, and not too much indulgence; just enough for fun, but we walked it off a bit.

Got home late last night from my sister's so we slept in this morning. Today I'm catching up on some paperwork and almost through laundry load #4 (BJ!)

We are off to an early casual dinner with friends over at Fuddruckers or Cheeseburger in Paradise. THen we come back here to decide on our excursions for our January cruise. Once we decide, we usually book on-line and then inform the others in our group (this time 4 couples total). Everyone has the option to come along with us or do their own thing.

Well, we finished informing all our adult family & friends that there will be no exchanging of gifts this year. We have decided to see people more often and share dinner or conversation instead of rushing around giving gifts that are stressful to choose and buy. All the children will get gifts and everyone is happy with that.

Also informed those who need to know that I will be cutting my baking in half (or less). Last year I was left with over 100 homebaked cookies. Neither DH nor I need them around the house. Feeling less stressed already!

Make this weekend count!

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It works! I can't believe it!
I have tried for MONTHS to log on here. I just moved into my new home and Presto! I can log on again. Wonder what's up with that? Now I have to go back and catch up on everyone's posts....

So much has happened that I don't even know where to start. We are having our family Thanksgiving tomorrow and I have so much to do yet. I just unpacked my last box yesterday, lol and have been busy decorating (fun, fun, fun!)

We're having a gingerbread house making party on Dec. 8th and I am having a work related cocktail party here next Friday. I have ROOM to entertain again and I'm loving it!

I am going to go read up on everyone's doings and will check in again between cooking activities.

So great to "see" everybody again!


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Tikanis - HAPPY THANKSGIVING, happy new home, happy fun life you are living - love it and love having you back. I remember your gingerbread party from previous years - great tradition.

Dee - (glad you liked the postcard) LOL

Milkdud - it sounds like your Thanksgiving turned out better than you could've imagined.

We went to NYC on Thanksgiving stayed overnight and headed home because my sister who I was planning on visiting friday was planning on visiting us LOL - they just went home and we had a great weekend together.

I gotta run, but couldn't pass up posting when I saw that Tikanis was here.

Tikanis/Besh - if you want to be on the Christmas exchange maybe the two of you can partner up.

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Hey Guys,

Im been MIA for a few days, but super busy. I had a fair amount of catching up to do here! Lots happens around here is short amount of time!

NHSuzanne~ FIRST------Happy belated B-day!!! Howd you celebrate?

Sounds like you and DH are all set for winter now! I was wonderingdoes your tractor have an all-terrain mower? If so, what brand and which attachment do you use? I have a large uneven area I need to mow and was thinking of renting.

Is your sis better? Does she live pretty close to you? Its nice you can see her and take care of her.

I hope you get in a ride soon. I miss going to the barn so much! Bith my older DDs were riders---19 yr old DD was a Western rider and competing in games and 17 yr old was an English rider. 19 yr old DD REALLY misses it and wants to work at a barn next summer. Ill have to work on that!

DeeMarie~ Congrats on your doc visit and weight loss! Everything in line? Your concert a week ago sounded fun. I love live performances of any kind. I am happy I got you as my Holiday buddy! I cant wait to ship off a Northwest themed package to you! BTW, Im all caught up on the laundry front today! WHERE ARE YOU CRUISING TO IN JANUARY?

Milkdud: Your Thanksgiving sounded wonderful! When is your sis coming in December? Is she a natural decorator type or does she do it for a living? Hope you are getting settled inand decorated :-) Glad the Atkins induction went successfully! Sounds like youre staying motivated! And how fun you get to baby-sit! I love the little ones!

BTW,you sound very motivated about organizing. A little every day really makes a difference, doesnt it? My GF is not organized and she is a hoarder---well, now she has to sell her house and move (due to divorce) and she cant seem to get rid of anything. She was supposed to have her house on the market the 2nd week in October and it still isnt on the marketbut her friends are helpless to help her---shes afraid well throw her stuff out! So, we sit, frustrated, and wonder what shell do.

RaeanneGlad to hear your trip to CA was mah-velous! How did like that weather? As far as your colonoscopy goes, think about the day AFTER, not the day before! That reminds me that I have to have my mammogram done this December. Glad you got the Thanksgiving travle plans worked out and it all came toegther!

DonnaSNJ! Congrats on the online program weight loss! WOW! Terrific!

Jen! You too! Great job! How was the vacation in Hawaii? Did you and DH go alone or did you take the pumpkins with you?

Maddie---Audit report---howd it go? Done yet? Thanks for doing the holiday exchange list! Its so much fun each year!

Besh: Did you find out anything else about the job situation? I can look at your resume and brainstorm if you email it to me. DeeMaries offer sounds pretty darn good, though. Glad your DH is back to work and his knee is better. Too bad about DSs bronchitisis it the weather? Hope the result was ok on your colonoscopy.

Patti: When is your Christmas trip, where are you going, and for how long? Glad you got to have a traditional meal for Thanksgiving!

Amy!!!!!! So glad to "see" you again! Whats the holdup on the power chair? Your eating plan sounds VERY healthy! I dont watch much TV (an hour and a half a week at MOST: only Boston Legal and The Soup), so I didnt see the show with the green drinks. Have you REALLY been in Hawaii for 6 YEARS???? I remember when you moved!

John, HI! Always like it when you check in. Hope you had a quiet day at work on Thnxgiving

Tikanas: YAY! Glad you can join us! And congrats on the NEW home!

Wellall the kids were her for Thanksgiving and we all ate way too much all weekend long! Sounds like everyone had a great holiday food fest!

We passed our house inspection (last week) with flying colorsI was a nervous wreck about that. My interview was last week and DH and oldest DDs are on Tuesday. My youngest 3 DDs have their interviews for Wednesday. Im doubly nervous this week and Ill be glad when the application process is overwhatever the turn out!

I gave up tracking food because I was getting discouraged about the small amount of weight I was losing for such a concentrated effort. When I read Marcis post about putting the scale away, I decided to try that---and get on a regular exercise plan. I have been seriously walking the track at the local "Y" several times a week. I am testing out an MP3 player at the same time! Love both the walking and the music. Its pretty neat just to have some TIME to think!---or to not think! Well see how it goes.

In addition, I am skipping the neighborhood cookie bakes and holiday dinners this year. I dont need the calories and since I am moving next summer anyway, I am taking THAT end-of-the-year stress out of my life. For the WHOLE holiday season, we have one dinner planned with a friend from out of town and then were off to the island (on Dec. 21st) for the holiday and DHs mom and dad will come to the island for Christmas and the few days surrounding it.

Make this week a great one!

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Happy Sunday - hope everyone enjoyed this holiday weekend.

Raeanne - thank you for the message I received in the mail the other day :-)

Dee - I'm glad the weather worked for you - I ordered it special :0)

Tikanas - I'm so glad to see you back again!!! Good luck in your new home.

Got to run, off to the store for some ingredients for a WW pumpkin ginger pie for another turkey dinner tonight. Will catch up and promise to post more next week.

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BJ - I have been meaning to ask you about being a foster parent - I am thrilled to see that you are still proceeding. You will all pass with flying colors you are a wonderful mom and you have a wonderful family.

Donna - I couldn't resist sending those cards - I was hoping you would remember the connection lol.

Okay Tikanis - we need more LOL.

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