Peel Away The Pounds

VickiCraftsDecember 30, 2002

Has anyone used this product? My husband is battling excessive weight and really having a hard time getting it off. I appreciate any feedback. Thanks, Vicki/FL

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Vicki -
"Simply apply the one-of-a-kind patch on your arm, follow the program, and excess weight disappears!"

I note that the "program" consists of a low-cal snack replacement, an exercise plan, and low-cal meal recipes. If you followed the program the pounds would disappear without the patch. There is nothing in either of those herbs that would work unless you ate large quantities of the herb (that's the way they are used in the places the ad refers to - not applied to the skin).

The only things that work PERMANENTLY are combinations of these two things, as a permanent change of lifestyle:

1. Eat fewer calories
more fresh fruits and vegetables, less fried stuff and sweets

2. Burn more calories
a brisk 1/2 hour walk every day is enough to tip the scales a bit in the weight loss direction.

For starters, have him keep a food diary ... if he's eating three BigMacs for lunch with suprsize fries for each one, cut back to ONE with no supersize.

If he's drinking a 6-pack every Saturday, with a big bag of chips, cut back to a can and a lunch-sized pack. One good way to cut back on the TV snacks is to eithr EAT or WATCH ... but not both at the same time. My BIL lost 15 pounds in 4 months just by that method. He was a big TV snacker.

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