Berry trim-Metabolife-Hollywood-Xedrine,etc...

spedbmp25November 2, 2001

I'm new to the forum, and very traditional in my ways to a healthy life of diet and exercise. Through schooling, reading, and research doing it the old fashion way works....I have went thru all 10 pages of dicussions and noticed the "diet of the month" changes. Everyone jumps on the bandwagon because it worked for someone. I'm not in perfect health...10-15 pounds could come off in the ideal world, but I am so happy to be where I am because obesity runs strong thru my entire family, so I battle the life of gaining more weight everyday. I notice the "new" concerns of Berry Trim and looked into it, just to find his claims sound like so many other..."stop fat, lose weight in 6weeks, increases energy "naturally""..etc...Everyone eats it up, but he offended some and now he sucks, well they are all the same...yes they may work for some, usuallt teporaily...but lets see everyone 10 years from now, or see if the "lifestyle" is healthy LONG term...Our body needs a healthy balance of all foods, even fat. Yes there are healthy fats and bad...good carbs and bad, but I see so much advice that may actually be harmful for some. We don't know a lot about each other, and not enough to give specific eating concerns me. I beleive in supporting each other and guiding those with questions to professionals that know what best. Any DIET plan that makes unrealistic promises is making a lot of money on us...I learned to spend it where its most important, healthy food of all kinds. Please be aware that fast fixes, and BIG promises won't change your life- only YOU can through long term commitment to YOURSELVES!!!! Just wanted to show my concerns for some of the info floating around...

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