WW Program - Mon. 11/7 - Sun. 11/13

maryanntxNovember 7, 2005

Good Monday morning to everyone. I hope we all have a good week ahead! I really slipped this past Saturday and ate way too much of the wrong things, but I got back with the program on Sunday and I'm ready to start the week now. I've already done some exercises this morning since I won't be able to walk this evening after work.

Let's all work hard this week to eat healthy and exercise!

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Thanks for starting the new thread. I didn't do too badly over the weekend. I made myself a sort of Thanksgiving meal. Roasted a small chicken, sans stuffing. Cooked whole wheat noodles in the broth. For dessert later on I revamped a pancake recipe so that it came out to 1 pt....small but nice. Used spray Parkay and Lite syrup on it so it was only about 2 pts finished product. I often work/re-work recipes to make them more point friendly. Figure if I'm in this for the long haul, I might as well make it all as palatable as I can.


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Shirley, I agree with the work/reworking recipes. There are lots of ways to cut out fat and add more fiber to many recipes.
The WW program has really helped me to become more aware of what I put in my mouth! Since I am a junk food person, this way of eating is much healthier for me!

I went to a meeting last night at Mamacita's restaurant. Hmmm great Mexican food (which is very high in fat!). I had to have one of their great margaritas with a small bowl of tortilla soup. I don't even want to know how many points was in it. I'm glad that meeting is only once a month!

Speaking of deserts - I have been eating lots of fruit and berries with a little lite cool whip on top. Eat it slowly and enjoy every bite.

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Today was my weigh-in day and I managed to lose ½ lb. Not as much as I was hoping for, but I'm not surprised because I ate more than I should several days this past week.
I am managing to exercise every day now and I think that will help me keep more focused.

Check in everyone so we can see how you are doing!

Keep moving!!!!

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I really was a good girl last week, but still managed to put back on the quarter lb I'd lost the previous wk. I was momentarily disappointed as that kept me at 'maintenance' overall again, but I soon got over it. I started this long, slow journey a year ago the end of May. The way I look at it is if I hadn't started and kept on this journey, I'd not have lost what I have so far, but would probably have gained at least an additional 20 lbs.

Glad to hear that you lost, Maryann.


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Congrats MaryAnn--that is 2 sticks of butter!!

I weigh on Thursday---hoping to at least stay the same--been a topsy-turvy kind of week so far.

Good luck to everyone----------


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Susy, I had forgot about the butter comparison! That always helps me when I've lost a small amount!
I have one more week at home and then we will be riding down into Mexico for a bike rally. We eat all meals out of course and drink a few drinks. So I will really have to watch myself and not overdo. Then....the next week is Thanksgiving! But, no matter what, I am going to stick with the program most of the time! LOL

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Weigh In wasn't a good thing this morning---up 2#--- more than I thought I would be, but I know the reason-- so will try to correct it.

Good luck to everyone on the scale!!

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I'd forgotten about the sticks of butter comparison too. When I tell people I have another 20 to lose, they always try to say I've lost enough. Perturbing at times as I currently weigh what I did the day my youngest DD was born. I just quietly tell them that my legs/knees/lower back might improve if I'm not having to carry this extra two 10 lb bags of potatoes around all the time. The visual gets them every time.

Sorry about your gain, Susy, but I love your attitude.

MaryAnn, it sounds like a fun trip and I know you'll do fine, even if you over-indulge some. Just remember, you have to come back and tell us about the trip.


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