FEMA Flood Zone Insurance!?

bertman_gwJanuary 28, 2012

We just had the Fema maps drawn up last year and my street is in a flood plain area. However I am the only one that is directly in the Flood Plain Zone by only a few feet from a bird eye view. I have contacted my town and fema and it looks like I have to a get a surveyor to get an elevation plan done. (to complete my LOMA). Sad fact is I don�t think I am going to be above (which would get me out of paying ins.) the established Base Flood Elevation which a nearby neighbor just had done for her property! I am wondering what my next step is going to be to try and convince FEMA (to lower the FBE) and my mortgage company that we are not in a flood zone! This area has never flooded for the last 100 plus years!

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Your not going to be able to convince FEMA and the sooner you get the surveyor the better. The surveyor will determine your elevation and from there the premiums will be determined. Your mortgage company, depending on the company will aggressively pursue you on the flood insurance and if you don't get it, they will and you'll pay more for it. Sorry, I see this daily.

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Additional Details
Forgot to mention I live on a lake and that there is a newly built dam with a natural flood overflow spill on top! They show the old one in the flood maps but due to the fact they did not incorporate the newer design and it also has a manual gate that I know they will not consider into the scheme. But they should consider the natural overspill! I was told I need to contact a higher up engineer at FEMA not the folks answering phones. They are giving me the runaround.

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Good luck on that. FEMA's funds are running low. I would still get the survey done and soon. Your mortgage company will start their process soon and it's best if your ready. The first thing they will do is send you a letter confirming the recent map changes and they will direct you to purchase flood insurance by a specific date, if you don't, they will purchase it for you and charge their own administrative fees on top of it. The insurance may not be as bad as you think and the certificate of elevation can help to reduce your premiums.

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Just to point out the obvious, but you are in flood plane. They commonly refer to them as 50 year, 100 year etc planes for a reason. It might not have flooded in 100 years, but that might just mean you are "due". Nobody likes paying for insurance, but I'm sure you wouldn't like losing everything you own either.

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Has your mortgage company sent you notice that they are requiring flood insurance? As others stated the only way to get the mortgage company to make a ruling is through an elevation survey.

My street is in a flood plane, and a portion of the property closest to the river is in the 100 year flood plane. My house is in a 500 year flood plane. Based on that, my mortgage company decided I didn't need flood insurance. My neighbor's mortgage company didn't require it either but when they switched mortgage companies during a refi, the new bank wanted it. If you do have to buy flood ins, check out what is covered closely. There are different levels covering structure and content.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I am wondering what my next step is going to be to try and convince FEMA (to lower the FBE)
What is the FBE?

Honestly, if I was anywhere near a flood plain, I would want to have my home and possessions covered by flood insurance.

Do you have any idea what flood insurance would cost? Something to be considered is covered at the link below. Areas that had never been flooded before were flooded in 2008. I remember reading of the Columbus Indiana Hospital being evacuated and out of commission for several months.

I carry earthquake insurance because I would much rather pay the little bit for insurance and be 'safe' rather than maybe be sorry sometime if the future.

Here is a link that might be useful: 2008 Flood in numerous states

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Just because FEMA says you're in a flood plane doesn't mean you actually are. The maps are drawn very broadly and with little regard to the details of the local terrain. Our mortgage company had required us to buy flood insurance ($1000+ per year) so we had an elavation survey done which showed our house to be above the 500 year flood plane. On that basis, we filed for and received a LOMA, thus relieving ourselves of the requirement for flood insurance. Money very well spent.

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For additional information, go to Flood-2011 Minot ND. They are still arguing with FEMA over this mess, and it is years from being settled. They had a 500 year flood, with 11,000 people out of their homes, over 4000 homes damaged/destroyed and FEMA trailers all over the place. Yes they are hurting because they had to winterize them (ND conditions), deal with broken pipes, delays in delivering etc It is still a mess. They change the rules on a daily basis and it depends on the people in charge. I don't know who determines who is in the flood plain or not, but check with your building dept.

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You need to know that most insurance will not cover damage from moving water. This includes the water from a heavy downpour. You do not need a stream near you to have flood damage, just water.

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