When u go 2 the movies do u buy treats there or buy ur own?

FredaSKOctober 30, 2002

Movies are so expensive these days that when we go we usually take candy that we bought from the store.We put it in our pockets and walk in. Otherwise it would cost us like $10.00 for movie $4.oo forf popcorn and $3.00 for a drink. With 5 orf us this could get prficely. There are water rfountains out in main enterance. Am I a cheapy orf what!@!@!!

Do u buy orf sneek in?

This is the question!!! RFeeling guilty!


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Well, I know people will respond here that the prices are outrageous, and they are, and that will make them feel justified in sneaking food/drinks in. BUT, movie theaters really don't make any money on the actual showing of the films. Their profits come from the concession stand. I don't always buy food, cause if I can sit in front of my TV at home for a couple of hours without food, then I certainly can at the theater, but I do buy from there if I want something. Otherwise, it is cheating them, and will result in higher prices...having said that, some theater will let you go inside with your own food. If thats the case, then no problem! :)

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Not only do I bring my own candy and drink, I bring my popcorn bag back for the free refill LOL. The theater expects people to do that - they indicate one refill per visit :-)

Becky - Windsor, CA

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No, we don't bring in our own snacks. It just wouldn't seem right to do that. They are a business. They have a right to make a profit. If you are interested in saving money why not wait until the movie is rentable either at the video store or on cable and really save some money. Besides buying your popcorn and drinks is part of the whole experience of going to the movies. NancyLouise

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I bring things for my DD due to food allergies. Usually I buy my soda and popcorn from the concession. But if I were to not be working fulltime, I'd quit going altogether and rent when it comes out on video. It is a luxury.

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I don't bring my own food and drink; however, I do have an elderly aunt who does just that. She is on a very tight budget, living strictly on social security disability. She takes a Coke and a bag of chips or candy in her purse. I don't frown on her for doing this, as going to movies is her one big pleasure in life, and she can't afford to buy refreshments on top of the price of the ticket.

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We have a neat theatre in town that serves meals- waiters take your order and bring you the food while they show shorts before the feature. They took out every other row of seats to put in tables. If you want anything else during the movie, you raise a little note. It's fun!
But other than that place, we don't eat at the movies. We skip the candy and popcorn and avoid those giant drinks because who wants to head to the restroom during the film?

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I typically don't have food or drink at the movies. But if I did, I wouldn't bring them, I'd buy them. It's just wrong to bring your own (unless there's a food allergy, as posted above).

Yes, the stuff is outrageous. But so are the movie prices. As was said above, it's a business.

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I rarely go to the movies, but I do think the prices are crazy. I recently bought a water & they charged me $4. I still wanted popcorn & a sweet. I have brought my own snacks in the past, but since I go so seldom I do treat myself & usually share with whomever I go with. When my husband & I were going more regularly I used to be against buying b/c a movie night would cost us about $50 - tha's insane!


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We struggle with this. We do a little of both. Always buy a popcorn and drink, and usually bring in some candy. I guess i figure it is a business and it is the right thing to do. I even feel guilty when we take in the candy, but husband doesn't feel that way.

Sorry, but I can't believe you feel good about taking your used bag into theater and asking for refills. Isn't that kinda like sharing a salad bar with someone?

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Sorry Becky, I think I misunderstood your note about the popcorn. I guess I'm still in unbelief over a couple we went out to dinner with getting into a BIG debate with the waitress about how they should be able to share a salad bar. I was sooo embarrassed. By the way, they got two plates with refills for the price of one.

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Right or wrong........I sneek stuff in. The prices are just to high. I WILL buy a bag of corn now and then and sometimes a drink.

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I don't think there's anything wrong with taking a box of candy or bottle of water. Used to do that when we went to baseball games. Ticket prices are bad enough.

We rarely go to the theatre ... maybe 2 or 3 times a year. When we do dh will usually ask me to put something in my purse, but he'll also buy something.

I look at it this way ... if you go to a movie and don't buy any food or drink you're not cheating the business, so why does it matter if you bring your own?

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It may be a regional thing, but the theaters here really do expect that you'll bring back your popcorn bag to be refilled from movie to movie. I see lots and lots of people doing it, and some of the theaters even have signs posted that you only get one refill per visit.

Windsor, CA

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We bring are own drinks but buy the popcorn. The prices they charge are so high for a drink and a big bag of popcorn over $5.oo we go back for the refill.

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I rarely go to the movies but when I do I take my own drink but don't have anything to eat. I wouldn't dream of sharing my plate from a salad bar but they charge fair prices. Movie Theaters do not charge fair prices. If they make their money from the food why don't they up the price of the movie instead of the food? I would pay more for the entertainment but I'm not about the pay those food prices for things that cost them so little.

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Biinaboo, Zone 10, Naples, Gulf Coast

I bring mine and i'm not sorry about it. I find it to be outrageous that any movie theater would need to charge $3 on a single serving of M&M's that they have bought in bulk for $0.50 or less. There is no need for a 500% profit. Fountain drinks are as much as $4.50 for a large, that costs them $0.15. You also can't tell me that they don't make money on the ticket. Movie theater rent the reels of film. They are a "set" price before the movie is released. They can show that movie as many times as they want or can in a day. Anything over that rental cost is pure profit. Don't you think it would be more fair for these movie theaters to have "set" percentages that they mark-up the food & drink? Most high-end resturants only mark-up thier food 23% and that includes all the costs that they accrue for running the "establishment". Just my opinion. I usually don't want food or drink while i'm enjoying a movie but if I do have the craving, i don't hesitate to bring it myself.

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Most movies are pretty short (less than 2 hours) so my hubby and I can get by without needing to eat or drink anything during the show. I have in the past brought in some candy though, but I wouldn't bring in a big bag of popped corn.

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I love the popcorn and always buy that. The theatre we go to offers soda water for free, and since the pop is too sweet, I always have the soda water. Rarely buy the candy.
I read somewhere recently that attendance at movie theatres was declining. I agree with a previous poster-- the prices are too high for both admittance and refreshment. Management of movie theatres would do well to boost attendance by dropping prices on all fronts.

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We rarely go to the movies, but when we do, we usually buy popcorn. We DO go to a lot of baseball games, however, and after about 5 games worth of ballpark food, we've had enough! We're allowed to bring in food, and our bags are inspected at the gate. We bring unopened water or pop and usually takeout from Subway or homemade wraps. Sometimes we buy popcorn or icecream or a hot dog...they taste so much better at the ballpark. I never thought about it being tacky, and since we're allowed, I do. I'm amazed at the cost for a family.

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My family doesn't do the going to the movie thing very often.I DO agree prices are too high but that's the prices of everything.I do like to get popcorn and a coke when we go because it makes it more special,and we rarely go.Me and my hubby get a L and share and so do kids.
I have a sister and her family live in the theaters and I think it's crazy to spend the kind of money they spend on the whole deal.But I try to make my kids understand you don't have to spend money(all the time) to have fun.Kids get too much and don't appreciate things...they expect them.

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