Apartment Party Room Question

DivaOverhaul2003October 2, 2002

I live in an apartment complex that has a party room. I live right across from the building that it is in. You can look out my window and see the room. My apartment isn't big enough to accomodate a lot of people so I'm thinking of using the party room for a holiday party. My question is...is it rude not to invite people to my apartment. Some people I would be inviting have never seen the inside of my apartment and I really don't care for them to anyway. Would it seem rude to have the party in the party room when my apartment is right nearby and not invite them to see it?


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I don't think it would be rude. Think of it logically, how could you be hostess for a party in one building while showing off an apartment in another?

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It's not rude. And it's more considerate toward your apartment neighbors, too.

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It is NOT rude however some people may want to see your apartment so be ready with a " would love to show it to you but tonight I need to be here...I'll call you and we can have a smaller get together there" type response.

I'll bet however that the very last straglers, hopefully your best buds, will end up in your apartment!

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