Those ugly, flabby triceps

junkyardgirlNovember 25, 2007

How old do you have to be before you can't improve that area? I'm mid 50's, and mine are getting bad. I've always been pretty thin, but I gained 20 lbs. in 2 years, and I'm afraid if I lose a lot of it, my triceps will just flap in the wind! Can a 50-something actually tone up her underarms?

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If you figure it out, let me know. I am 60, but my arms have been flapping in the wind for quite some time now. I lift weights and spend extra time on my triceps, but the results in that area are negligable even though my arms overall look better.

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Anyone can tone their arms or any other part of their body. While you need to do toning exercises (kickbacks, etc), what is really flapping in the wind is unfortuantely, bodyfat. So in order to see your toned triceps, you will have to get rid of that. It's a tough battle; one I struggle with daily!

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I respectfully disagree. It is most often stretched out skin that is flapping in the wind and nothing short of surgery is going to cure that unless you are still young enough to have skin with some elasticity in it. Losing weight will actually make the problem worse - though still worth it for your health. I am sixty. I have been lifting weights for 3 years, concentrating particularly on the triceps. Nothing has happened nor will it. There is so little testosterone left in my body that I can't effectively build muscle that would fill the empty skin left from losing weight. Oh well. That's what sleeves are for.

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I used to look at my Mom's flabby arms and say that I would never let mine get that way. She was not overweight but did not exercise. I get a lot of upper body exercise and both my triceps and Biceps are quite muscular. But: now I am 50ish, I see my Mom's arms reappearing...on me. I just have flabby underarms showing below the muscles! If you have the genes for loose skin in that area I don't think there is much you can do. I just try not to flap my arms around in public! Just work on the muscles and keep your arms down, lol.

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Unfortunately when you get to a certain age arm flaps are difficult to make go away. I would suggest combining using some good lotion or cream on your skin (to add a bit of elasticity) as well as doing tricep exercises. Keep in mind that even if it is loose skin, you can always fill some of that loose skin with muscle to reduce that flap as well as get a toned look. Good Luck!

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Look into Denise Austin's arm exercises.
It took me about 5 months but I can now wear sleeveless tops.
Start now and you'll be ready for the summer....Mom

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I recently lost about 40 lbs. and now weigh around 100-105 lbs. (I am 5'5" and 53 yrs. old) I don't have the flabby arms you talk about, however I do have extra skin in the weirdest place -- it's right above where you bend your elbow. I asked my doctor about it, and he said that yes, it is probably caused by my weight loss (I thought that maybe it was just because of my age) and yes, it "may" disappear. I think he was just being nice. It is kind of gross though.

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I lay on my back, bend my arms and lift myself up and down. almost like a backwards pushup. I am in my 40's and my 18 yr old tells me my arms look better than some kids at his school:) I am in a size 5. I don't eat sugar or white flour but my big secret is eating healthy protein bars that taste like healthy fudge here are me and friends before and afters
I eat a protein bar for breakfast and lunch with healthy snacks in between until dinner. I have lost weight and look better know then I have in years:)

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