malachiteNovember 13, 2001

What has TAE-BO done for YOU! Please give me your stories, I've just started and I can feel the muscle start building.

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I am interested in this also. I have started up Tae-Bo again. What level are you doing? At iVillage.com, there is a tae-bo message board under diet and fitness and that is helpful and might give you some good info.

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Taebo is amazing. It allows you to burn 400 calories in 30 minutes, 800 with the advanced tapes. When I started I was weak, but every day I could kick a little higher, punch a little harder, and with a strict diet I lost over 70 pounds and my body is pretty smokin...It works. It really is that simple.
God Bless

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Oh yeah, check out my diet:Click on Crash diet? There's no such thing!! and have a read. It really is fool-proof!!
God Bless

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I am very impressed with your weight loss. I think I eat pretty good, and I have started tae-bo. It really feels good to do it. Is it true though that you can actually burn 400-800 cal doing tae-bo? Thanks and keep up the good work!

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Tae Bo is just really another form of aerobics using what could loosely be called "kickboxing" as a basis rather than dancing. There are two inherent problems in this program. One, the producers market it as combining aerobics with martial arts training, getting you in shape while you're learning self-defense. While it can get you into shape, it most certainly can't teach you any self-defense. Martial Arts competence takes years of training under the guidance of a competent instructor and practice with other students. It certainly can't be "acquired" by kicking and punching the air. In fact, founder Billy Blanks has been "outed" a few times in the press for overstating his martial arts background in the infomercial and advertising.

Next, the workout can be dangerous because it does not have a warm-up or cool down. Blanks jumps right into the workout without any form of warm-up, when the muscles and ligaments are still cold. This can cause injury.

The bottom line is that if self-defense is your goal, any number of instructional martial arts videos would be infinitely superior. If you want to burn fat and tone up, Tae Bo is a good program IF you supplement it with a warm up, some stretching and a cool down.

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I hate to disagree with people in these forums because it is great that people provide feedback through there own expierences....but someone stated "Next, the workout can be dangerous because it does not have a warm-up or cool down"

That is wrong. If you watch the tapes there is about 3-4 minutes of stretching and warming up. And at the end of every tape he goes into a "cool down". He even says that at the end of the workout.

I use the 30 minute tae-bo tapes every morning before work. They are great. I really enjoy starting out my day with the 30 minute tapes(Hopefully I can work up to the advanced) Now as far as the martial arts stuff....I don't know - I never bought the tapes to learn martial arts...just to loose weight. Just my 2 cents worth.

hope this helps!

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