kathy_November 14, 2006

Crawled "back on the wagon" the past 2 weeks and now I am waking between 2 and 3 am. Seems like it always happens when I am dieting. Anyone else deal with this? A big bowl of mashed potatoes would make it go away but that's not an option. Thanks, Kathy

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Not really. Last time on WW i had Evening Hungries bad. But this time around, I seem really satisfied. I'm eating actual quaker oatmeal for breakfast (with cinnamon and equal). It is more filling than instant because you get a whole cup for 2 points instead of just 1/2 cup.

Then last time I skimped on lunch - tried to eat 0 or 1 point salads, etc. This time though, I decided that when I'm at work is when I NEED the fuel. So I eat 4 point lunches with a minor snack like 1 pt pudding.

And at dinner time I'm not nearly as famished as I used to be. So there's no night time hungries this time around.

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