Is anyone familiar with this Diet featured in Shape?

rottenliviaNovember 26, 2007

I would appreciate any info on the Beck Diet Solution. What do you think of it? How long have you been trying it? Is it worth it? How do you feel on it day to day? I would like the opinions of those who are actively giving it a try to base my own decision on to give it a go. What do you say out there?

Thanks so much!


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My my my. Diets don't work. Eat less and exercise. Instead of eating a whole sandwich eat 3/4's of it, then go walk around the block. good luck

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The Beck Diet Solution isn't a diet per se. I bought the book out of curiosity; it's more of a journal/self-help/motivational book with quizzes and essays for you to fill in.

Dr. Beck describes it as "a psychological program, not a food plan. With the step-by-step program in this book, you will learn specific techniques to stay on your diet, lose weight, and maintain your weight loss for life. The Beck Diet Solution is based on clinical research in Cognitive Therapy."

You actually choose whatever nutritional plan you wish to follow - it alledgedly works with any diet. I found out about the book on the Weight Watchers forums, where several people spoke highly of it. I never used it myself, having lost 50 lbs using the Weight Watchers Flex Plan alone.

Salena is correct that diets don't work; neither, though, for many people, does simply eating less and exercising more. If all you eat is junk food, that 3/4 of a sandwich is still a poison pill. Healthy eating plans and lifestyle changes are key. My my my.

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