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yasminepdxNovember 8, 2001

Hi, I'm 29, 5 2' and weigh 130 lbs. But my stomach juts out, you cannot even see my boobs ;-) people ask me all the time if I am pregnant.

I have no fat at all on my arms, some on my thighs - but all on my stomach.

I eat healthy (no eggs, meat, cheeese - lots of grains, vegetables as I'm vegetarian)

No physical activity at all.

We even have a treadmill and weights. And the body-for-life book.

I don't want to look muscle-y. Just want to tone my body - the smallest exertion now gives me sore muscles. And I want to flatten my abs.

Please suggest what to do


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Are you sure it's fat and maybe you're not just bloated? You could have irritable bowel sybdrome. One of the symtoms can be a fat (bloated) stomach.

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Also, you are eating a Vegetarian diet and my suspicion is that you are eating a "lot of grains"..breads, pastas, ect..Many times, these types of foods will "settle" in certain areas of your body. For instance, people who tend to eat a lot of fatty foods will get excess weight in their behinds, legs, thighs..People who eat a lot of breads and pastas tend to have their weight settle in their mid-section..

I would suggest cutting down on the breads and grains, and upping your soy protein/protein intake and more non-starchy vegatables...

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I would eliminate white breads and eat whole wheat 'sometimes' and eat only 'whole' grains. Have all veggies and fruits and beans, but REALLY cut back on meats/fats.

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I think your diet is fine, as long as you eat your beans or whatever you eat to fulfill your protien needs. I think you should start Taebo. I was really really fat, and taebo was fun enough to keep me interested as well as effective. It works your abs without screwing up your back.With your great dietary habits, it's only a matter of time...
God Bless

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