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OceanNovember 8, 2001

Does anyone use an exercise ball in their workouts. I've ben doing a routine with the recumbent bike & upperbody weight workout. They are both great. I love them. I have been trying to add in a Abdominal workout but no matter what I do they all make my lower back and neck really sore. Not good since I run a home daycare and have to be able to pick up the kids. I got an exercise ball today - hoping that using it for an AB workout will take some pressure off my neck and lower back. Anyone have any experience with these things? Any tips?

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I use an exercise ball but just started to do it. My exercise ball came with instructions and examples. There are some exercises that I do on the ball that aren't with the instructions. I can photocopy the instructions for you if you would like or scan them and send them to you in an email.

One of the things I do is sit on the ball and walk myself out so that my knees are at right angles on the floor and my back is on the ball. Then I put my hands behind my head and do mini sit ups. This helps the abdominals.

One other is to sit on the ball and then balance and raise a leg one at a time and hold the leg up for a count of 10. These two exercises I didn't see on the instructions. Trying to raise my two legs at the same time is almost impossible for me at least. I'm still a klutz with the ball but each day gets a bit better.

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