Looking for a good 'Kids' workout tape

OceanNovember 6, 2001

Hi ,

I'm looking for a good kids workout tape. Something that has maybe some streching, dancing, games, that kind of thing. We got "Elmocise" but it's mostly just singing and jumping around. Good exercise but not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for something with more structure. Something that the kids have to listen and follow instruction. I want the kids to get exercise but also work on listening to instructions not just running like lunitics. It could be Dancing, yoga, pilates, anything really. Any one know of any good titles I could look for?

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Do you have boys or girls? My girls have a Barbie exercise/dance video that they love. Shows them some cute dance moves, but like you said...they have to follow instructions to do it and it really is good exercise. I've even done it with them on occasion. :) It's an older video, but still available at Walmart...or atleast that's where I got it. Jennifer Love Hewitt is in it....she was about 11 or 12 at the time....so that tells you how long the video has been out!

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All Girls. My own Daughter and 3 other girls I take care of during the day.

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There is a Taebo Kids workout.

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