butterflywingsNovember 4, 2001

HI! I just got the orignial callanetics book from the library. I'm really looking forward to starting. But I would like to know everyone else's results. And if you have any websites up with before & after pictures... etc. I thought that would be encouraging for us all.


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I did Callanetics for 10 hours and my results were: 2" off my waist, 2" off upper abs, and 1.5" off belly, general tighetening & shaping for the rest of the body, but no inch loss in any other area I think -- I am 55 lbs over weight so even if my muscles shaped under the layers of fat, it won't show easily. The love handles (3 of them on each side!!) became much less pronounced. My cousin did 4 hours and she did not measure, but her skirt that was really tight across her lower tummy became loose after the 4-5 hours. She doesn't have extra fat on her so I guess it will show faster on her. Anyway, I have now got Super Callanetics and will be doing that from now. I am also going to start t-tapp so that my body does not get used to any exercise so much that it gets ineffective. No, I don't have any before and after pictures because I haven't yet reached the "after" picture stage. Once I do, I'll make a page for that purpose. If you want you can email me and we can do this together :).

Swati (

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That's good! I also have T-Tapp. But I'll be honest, it's hard. I'm not trying to discourage you. I think T-Tapp is great. But I don't have the energy yet to do it. And because I dread doing it (it is a kick-in-the-bum kind of workout.), I find ways to get out of it & just don't end up doing any exercise! Callanetics is something I can stick with. I think that's the main thing with exercise: find something you can stick with, feel good doing, & get results with. I alsot don't like to sweat. Callanetics is a refreshing change. T-Tapp is very inventive & I love the ideas. I will be KLTing when I'm standing on one leg to prevent bulk when I do my callanetics. But I just don't like being pushed that hard when I'm so out of shape.

I don't know how overweight I am. I'm flabby (As Callan would say "Gone with the Goosh!") & I need to tone up. But I'm also big-boned. it's not an excuse...I really am. I'm 5' 10 1/2" tall & there is nothing petite & overly-dainty about me. Though, with Callanetics I'm hoping to have a slender, lithe, graceful body.

My shape-up, get-slender, lithe, & graceful-plan with Callanetics is:
Do my Callanetics 3x a week.
Take a walk for some aerobic benefit (Because callanetics isn't aerobic.)
Add in some extra work for the arms. I don't think Callan has enough going on for the upper body. So I will add in T-Tapp arm workout. That only takes about 5 minutes extra & it really works well for keeping the arms firm, toned & un-jiggly.

I also wanted to add, if you can find the original Callanetics book! YEAH! GOOD FOR YOU! It's the best. All you need is the book & the original video. The book has tons of pointers, more on it than included in the orig. video, the entire advanced workout to go on to when you've mastered the orig. callanetics plus tons of before & after pics. I love the book. Search garage sales, GoodWill, & Salvation Army stores. I found on in a GoodWill & didn't get it because at the time I thought it would be good enough to just get it from the library!! WRONG! I wish I would have bought it. I can get the book from the library but you do have to return it. It's nice to have your own copy.

Ok, anybody else???

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Oh, I have the book :). I got it years ago. Did them a little and then gave up. I guess I was a teen then, and wasn't really motivated for a better body, I had a good enough body. LOL!! Now is when I really need it. Yep, you're right, t-tapp is tough!!! I'm still learning how to do those moves so that I can do a bootcamp soon. I will not give up on Callanetics. I am moving on to Super Callanetics now. But first I'll do the 14 day bootcamp for t-tapp, because I know it'll be nearly impossible to do Callanetics with that. But I'll start Callanetics again after I complete the 14 days bootcamp and get into the every other day routine with t-tapp. Yes, and I'll be adding treadmill back too. After january 1, this board will be for paying members only, so I will not be posting here after that, because I come here only sometimes. I am usually at the t-tapp forums, and other boards. So if you wish to keep in touch with me after that, you have my email address in the second post :-).

Good luck,

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Be encouraged on the 14 day BC. It's super difficult but you can do it. If you do miss a day, just pick yourself up the next day & finish on like you never missed it. I was planning on doing a 14 day BC & than only ended up with 11 day BC. Now, I'm going to do callanetics. I need something soothing to do. I'm frazzled. My face just looks horrible because of stress & other reasons I'm trying to find out.
But Callanetics is something I can do. I don't feel like I have such a commitment. And it's not anything that's going to make me gasp for breath. Though, I will be walking for aerobic exercise. But that is something I can do at my own pace.

Keep up the good work;) I'm on the icompact board (hope they never charge money FOR THAT BOARD! That's my fave board.) as ~*butterflygrl7*~.

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what is the icompact board? what is it about, and where is it? i've completed my 6th day of BC :-)


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Icompact is a beauty & makeup website. Check it out at They also have message boards where you can rant, rave & ask questions from other Icompacters on thins like perfume, skin care, makeup. I hang out on the skin care board as ~*butterflygrl7*~.

CONGRATS! I'm glad for your completing 6 days of BC! It's hard but I know you'll do great:-)

I just did Callanetics yesterday. I didn't get to finish the tape but I got all of it finished up to the leg exercise stretches. I feel so sore from just that little bit.

Tell me, when you do Callanetics, does your collarbone ever hurt? Mine kind of hurts today. And when I woke up this morning my back hurt & was stiff. But neck feels better. It was prenty sore & tense before I started Callanetics.
(By the way, yesterday was my first time doing Callanetics, so maybe my back being sore & stiff was just my tense muscles being loosened up?)


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You can get the book at at least I was able to six months ago. Check it out!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Anouk, how are your results with Callanetics?


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