Disgusting diet restrictions! Can you help?

LeJaneNovember 1, 2002

My dad hashas heart problems, high blood pressure, and diabetes. He has to follow a diet low in salt, sugar, carbohydrates and saturated fat, YUCK!

Here is his question:

Do you know of any convenience foods that fit his eating needs? There are lots of things that might be low in fat and salt, but they are usually loaded with huge amounts of carbs! He simply won't cook beyond maybe stir frying some frozen veggies in olive oil. He needs pre-packaged dinners or something like that. I live hundreds of miles away, so I can't cook for him. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks!

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Can you convince him to purchase some fresh meat, slice it up, maybe add a little seasoning and throw it in with those stir-fried veggies?

There is a website called LowCarbFriends.Com that offers a lot of recipes.


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The website is helpful! Thank you very much. Le Jane

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I am not sure, but I would check with the 'Weight Watcher' frozen dinners. I hear they are good, and it is likely they are low in all those things.

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Fish! A couple of brands in frozen section are already preseasoned and precooked- just heat em up. He should stay away from shellfish though because of the cholesterol.

Also the Voila frozen meals are really good- already chopped up veggies, usually chicken- just heat and it's done.

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Do you have Tabatchnick (sp?) frozen soups in your local supermarket. They are very natural and are the closest thing to homemade that I've ever bought from the store. Very low in sodium and great taste. Definitely worth checking out. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Tabatchnick homepage

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I find that most low carbs are HIGH fat :(

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if dad simply won't cook, then it's bloody well time for him to go sit out by the woodshed and let the vultures pick his bones clean...

most of the older men I have worked with are IN the shape that they're in because they've never HAD to care for themselves- from their mom's table to their wife's table to their daughters running themselves to death trying to make up for their father's childishness.

if he loved you as much as you obviously love him, he'd take better care of himself.


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