Stimulant Free Anorex

Diva123November 6, 2001

Hi all,

I'm nervous about taking products with Ephedra. Has anyone tried Stimulant Free Anorex?

I have been reading the messages posted by people who have taken Anorex and has had some success, but no word about


Any feed back is appreciated.


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I started the stimulant-free on Monday. No change in my appetite like the other people on the regular stuff. I haven't lost any weight either but then it is only Wednesday. I'll keep you posted because I want to give this at least two weeks before I decide to get my money back at GNC. I'm not too keen about ephedra either but people are losing a lot with that one so I might be tempted to make a trade if this one doesn't pan out.

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Hi Susan,

Thanks for the information.

I am so tired of collecting bottles of Ephedra free products that do not work, and $163.00 is alot of money to spend on another one. I hope you begin to see some success with SF-Anorex.

I didn't know GNC had a money back guarantee on products.

Please keep me posted.

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