30th birthday survival kit

nagaramOctober 29, 2002

Someone had posted a 40th birthday survival kit which had some great ideas like...40 lollipops for when life sucks, 40 pennies for good wishes etc. I'd like to make one for DH's 30th birthday but am looking for ideas on how to package the items. Any ideas?

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How about a clean clear bottle like a 1 or 2 liter pop bottle with a slit cut it in to fit everything in? I've even used a gatorade bottle. You can make a label on the computer to go around the bottle to cover the slit & say "Survival Kit to help you adjust to getting older" or something like that. It's always fun to see everyone wonder how you got everything in the bottle!!!

I must have missed the post about the 40th birthday items, could you share that?

Good Luck & have fun!

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