So many questions but no answers! Whos owns an Ab energizer!?!

FlowersNovember 30, 2001

Do you? And if so does it work? What kind of battery does it take. Thanks

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im looking for info also. Can it really work?

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I hope so I ordered one from the ab ebergizer website 3 weeks ago and still NADA! I tryed calling them and waited an hour on the phone and NADA so I decided to hang up, tryed E-mailing them and NADA the E-mail came back as undeliverable- So yes I am hoping it works! The web site isnt even done yet they still working on it so you cant ask or read anything about it. But as soon as it arrives i will post and let you know how it works. I was just kinda wondering if anyone has one and if they like it so at least i would feel a little bit better since i cant get a hold of the ab energizer people and if anyone has it did it take this long to get yours? I ordered it from Any info appreciated *U*


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