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bug_girlNovember 30, 2001

I was searching for information about a bicycle on the web. And I came upon a site that said, a hybrid bicycle is like a touring bike and a mountain bike crossed together. Does anyone know where to find them? I don't like the straight handbars on mountain bikes, but I do like changing gears.

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Hybrids are really cool. My hubby and I both worked at a major bike shop in this area (me part time, him full time as an assistant manager) so I think I can give you some good info.

Actually they aren't called 'hybrids' anymore - the new word is 'comfort' bike. I really like the ones that Specialized and Diamond Back came out with last year. Specialized models are the Crossroads and the Expedition. I forgot the Diamond Back models.

I sold a LOT of comfort bikes to people who wanted to get into the fun and exercise of cycling but didn't like the 'hunched-over' road bike position, nor did they want a mountain bike. Interestingly, most mountain bikes NEVER are taken offroad. What most comfort bikes have in common is a suspension seat post, front suspension forks, a comfy ergonomic seat (numbness/soreness being another reason many people get turned off from cycling!) and adjustable low-rise handlebars (in comparison with the straight MTB handlebars or the curved 'roadie' type). Oh yes, you also get gear shifting - great for climbing those hills, but don't worry, it's not very complicated on these bikes!

I particularly like the Specialized and Diamond Backs because not only are they comfy and not very expensive, but they both have a cool retro beach-cruiser style frame. Hey, might as well look stylish!

I suggest to ANYONE thinking of buying a bike -
Whatever you do, DON'T buy a bike at a department store (Sears, Walmart, Target, etc) Toys R Us, or Costco. Jim and I still get a kick out of going to those stores and seeing how poorly put together the bikes are. Not only uncomfortable to ride but downright DANGEROUS. Find a good reputable cyclery in your area that will spend a lot of time fitting you to that perfect bike and where you can go for advice, repairs, etc. With bikes, you really get what you pay for - the profit margin is not real big (most bike shops make most of their profits on accessories and repairs - not the bikes themselves). In addition, most bike shops will throw in a free tuneup and/or service (i.e. adjustments, putting air in the tires, etc.) when you purchase from them...not to mention tons of great tips about the best places to ride, proper fit, safety etc. That's something you won't get at WalMart!

Do your research! Go to the bike sites. Check the major brands. That doesn't mean Huffy, Pacific, or Mongoose (three cheapo brands - Mongoose does have a "Pro" line but they only sell that through bike shops). I'm talking not only Specialized and Diamond Back, but Trek, GT, Raleigh, etc. BTW, if you're looking to get a good bike for not so many bucks, do check out Raleigh. Their motto is "More Bike for the Buck!" Their website is at www.raleighusa.com. Hope that helps!

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Mrs. Jim, Please email me at Buggirlx@aol.com or use the link with this post. I would like to check out your store, because the stores, I have seen only have mountain or touring bikes. I live in San Francisco.

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I'll post it here, just in case - I live in the Bay Area BTW so you should be able to get to this one:

Talbot's Cyclery (they're attached to a toy/hobby store)
445 South B Street
San Mateo, California
Phone 650-342-0184

Hours: M-F 9 am - 6 pm Saturday 9:30 am - 6:00 p.m. Sunday 11 am - 5 pm (since it's the holidays they may be open later though).

They have a really great selection, layaway, and each bike comes with a year's free maintenance and a 60-day tuneup. You may also be able to get a bike on sale, since they are probably still clearing out the 2001 models to make room for the 2002's (just like cars!)

If you take CalTrain, you can get off at the San Mateo station and walk a few blocks to the corner of 5th and B.

Take care and good luck!

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Mrs. Jim

I found the Terry bicycle site to be great. They have a hybrid bike at a reasonable price. Then I saw it. My dream bike, it had a girl's frame. I hate boys frames because I forget that the bar is there and then I jump off and fall down and really hurt myself. Then I saw the cost, 1200 dollars. Well, maybe if I save up, by next summer?

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there's a Terry dealer there (I forgot his name but there aren't a lot of Terry retailers around here!) I can't remember the name but as I recall, he had reduced prices on the previous years' models he had in stock just like all bike shops do. Look at their website (I'll post the link to Terry Bikes below - GREAT stuff, even if you're not into cycling, they make some fantastic sports clothes - probably still one of the few places you can buy a pair of maternity bike shorts!) - I think they have a Dealer's page there. Remember, you can get really good deals at this time of year when dealers have to sell their old stock to make room for the new...good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Terry Precision Cycling for Women

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Dear MrsJim,

I emailed the Terry website a couple of days ago, but they don't reply. Mainly I was hoping they might have a cheaper model with a girl's frame. I am not buying till the rainy season is over, so I have a lot of time.

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BugGirl -

You may try calling them on their 800#.

Terry doesn't have a huge staff (they are all supernice though!) and I've generally found that when I have a question, they are very responsive.

Here's an example - I purchased a gel saddle from them a few years back (one they no longer sell). Over a year later, it was cracking on the sides. I called them to see what I could do about it. Even though it was over a year since I'd purchased it, within a few days a replacement saddle arrived via Priority Mail - along with a postage paid Priority Mail envelope to return the defective saddle! Is that terrific customer service or what??

Seriously, I think you should try the dealer in Berkeley. There's also another big Terry dealer in Los Altos called "The Bicycle Outfitter". Give them a call - like I said you have an excellent shot at finding that these shops will have models from the previous year(s) that they will sell at a better price!

If you're waiting until Spring, I would also suggest that you attend the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey. This is the first big bike (road, mountain, BMX/Trials) event on the West Coast, and there are tons of vendors there (Terry included). You can check out (and test ride) bikes from all the major (and some minor) companies there. Not to mention it's a blast!

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Dear Mrs. Jim
I still did not hear from Terry by email. I am planning to call them, but with working it is so hard to find time to make a call during the day on weekdays. I really have to wait, even if I miss a close out model, because I need to save up a little, and also in San Francisco in the rainy season, I would not be using the bike very much. But, thank you for all of your help and for posting that great link. I think most bikes are designed for men and having a special woman's bike is such a great idea.

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I realize that this thread is very old, but maybe Mrs. Jim or other knowledgable posters are still around...

I am currently looking for a hybrid or comfort bike. I will be riding mostly on paved roads or trails. My previous bike was not the right fit. The frame was just 16" and I am 5'10" and have relatively long legs.

I have looked at different bike stores and I am considering the Trek 7100, 20" and the Marin Larkspur 19". The one store has a 2007 Trek model on sale for $289. The 2009 model (women's or men"s frame) are $399, so is the Larkspur.

I test rode the Trek and it rides very smoothly. So far I just got to ride the Larkspur inside the store. It also seems like a very smooth ride. I like the color and the looks of the Marin better, but I am not sure that I want to spend around $120 extra for it.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Not sure if you have purchased your hybrid bike yet.

We visited REI and Performance Bike when we were shopping for our bikes. Both stores gave good advices in selecting right size and features. We ended up getting ours from the REI.

You really need to test ride bikes of your choice outdoor. DH and I changed our mind after test riding. We attended REIÂs BIKE maintenance workshop after our purchase, it was informative.

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No, I ended up with a lighter weight frame that was not a hybrid. The hybrid was too heavy for me to lift on the bike rack, so I could not take it anywhere to ride on a bike trail.

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