'Workout' programs in stationary bikes

snowflake4November 17, 2007

I am in the market for an upright magnetic resistant bike, and some have the "workout" programs built in, some donÂt. I am not sure if I need these programs or not. What do you do when you use these"workouts"? DonÂt you pedal slower or faster? CanÂt I do this on my own? Because pedaling is everything you do when you use a bike, donÂt you? Please advise.

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I don't know what "magnetic resistant" means so that may be something altogether different than my stationary bike. My bike has programs, but they are based on incline, not speed. I prefer to do my own program. I do so many minutes at a certain incline then I raise it and then lower it again.

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Thank you, devorah. My understanding of "magnetic resistance bikes" is that they use magnets to create resistance against the push. I considered that you could create your own programs, so I didn't see the "built-in" workout programs necessary.

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