Any opinions on teeth whitening?

Ginny_CaNovember 14, 2003

I am interested in having my teeth whitened. My dentist told me about two methods-the first method requires me to wear trays an hour a night 3-4 times a week. The other is a one time laser light treatment that last for approximately 6-12 months. I was wondering if anyone had an opinion of which method would be better.

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I don't have any knowledge of these techniques, but the one time treatment sounds easier! Do you know what the cost comparison is?

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I had the treatment using the tray and it wasn't cheap - $250.00. It did work, though. However, my daughter just bought the teeth whitening system over the counter and it worked for her. Don't have any experience with the laser method.

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the bleaching systems- ALL of them- are short-term fixes unless you folow them up with having those whiter teeth bonded- which is pricey, but would be worth it if it really mattered that much... but then, if it really mattered, none of us would ever touch another cup of coffee ; )

from what I have seen, the over-the-counter strips work just as well as the slime-in-a-mouthpiece methods, at a tenth the price...

and I'm noticing that my friend (who used to be a dental hygenist, and is now an aesthetician with a string of certificates) won't go near them, sell them, or recommend them to any of her clients...

that tells ME all I need to know.

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I used an at home kit after I quit smoking. The results were amazing. I wouldn't smile a lot because my teeth were yellow from smoking. I think it depends on how bad the teeth are discolored. Mine weren't very bad. If they are badly stained, a professional solution may be needed. The kit I used says it's good for lightening the teeth up to ten shades. This is what I use:

Here is a link that might be useful: GoSmile

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I just finished up a box of Crest Strips and they worked very well. A friend of mine even noticed how white my teeth were and she didnt know I had used the strips.

These were twice a day for 30 mins each time. And use for 7 days. It did say results could be seen in 3 days and it was right.

Highly recommended.

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Well if you're looking for teeth whitening, I ordered a free trial just the other day. I'm yet to try it but it seems quite promising. Here's the link:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Most of the Teeth whitening systems use Hydrogen Perioxide. You can buy a bottle of it and use Q-tips to apply it and leave on for about 30 min. Also, brushing with Baking Soda works pretty well. A lot CHEAPER than all this other stuff!!!

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I would like to correct a misconception about stains on teeth at least according to my dentist. I thought my tea drinking had stained my teeth and the dentist's hygienist told me teeth do not stain. When you see a stain it is stains on the tarter build up. When she was finished cleaning the stains were gone. The dentist confirmed this when I questioned him.

The only thing I know about whitening teeth is that reports are coming in about thinning enamel due to whitening. I have seen a few celebs on TV and their teeth are white as snow. It is what your eyes immediately go to instead of the face of the person.

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