40 calorie noodles!!!

harrisb1November 21, 2005

I found these noodles that are only 40 calories for an ENTIRE package (20 calories per serving). They are called Shirataki Noodles and they are made by Orchid. They are definitely the most amazing diet food I have ever seen and I thought you all definitely needed to know about them.

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so.........the carb count must be low too. If you still have the package, could you let us know the carb count and seving size?

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I just did a search to learn more about these noodles and the information looks legit:

Alimentary paste made from yam flour, calcium hydroxide water.

I'm going to see if I can find some to give them a try.


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there are 6 carbs for the entire package for a brand I bought. There are 2 servings per package.

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I've heard of these noodles and couldn't find a brick and mortar store to buy them. Found them online, but the shipping & handling was ridiculous. Where did you find them?

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I got the noodles today .... umm ... very good. I purchased them at an oriental market. They said they just got them in a week ago. Cost was $1.49 for 8 oz. Excellent product. No matter how you plan to use them, I think a 3 - 5 min boil/simmer in chicken broth takes the edge off and makes them yummy.

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