how do you serve crackers?

girlwithaspirinOctober 2, 2006

A totally inconsequential question, but...

I was serving cheese and crackers yesterday. I've got a simple wood cheese tray (with built-in blade) from Crate & Barrel. The crackers ended up on a plate.

Any ideas beyond the old basket with elasticized fabric? My style is more modern, and I can't help but see that as country.

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I have several "classy" is an Indian basket...another a bamboo basket and another is a palm basket shaped like a stack of crackers.
But I am in love with the boards that Ann finds and don't mind a stack of crackers spread out on the end of one of them...
Linda C

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I often put them in a basket, lined with a cloth napkin. I also have a long, skinny stainless steel tray which is perfect, or I put them in a small wooden bowl. I've seen in stores and at parties a clear plastic tray, specifically designed for holding crackers. I might want one of those....

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If you're looking for something more modern (I agree the baskets with elasticized fabric say "country" to me), how about a square plate? I've been seeing a lot of square plates in stores recently. I think it's perfect for crackers, as you can line them up on the square (or rectangle). I did this the last time I served crackers, and I served two different kinds, which I alternated in columns on the square. Simple, modern and it works well.

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I love to pick up odd sized decorative plates at Marshalls/Homegoods and I think they're perfect for crackers, I'm not a basket person either :-) I did recently find a stainless or chrome wire basket that I thought was nice (at Marshalls of course) and I use it with a cloth napkin for bread at the table, but I'd use it for crackers for a larger group. I also like a wire basket lined with wax/butcher paper - they do this in a restaurant I go to and I keep forgetting to buy the right kind of paper - its not regular cut-rite wax paper but stiffer. I also use a pretty Japanese soup bowl for crackers sometimes, it doesn't hold too many but its perfect for the 2 of us.

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I use baskets with cloth napkins or square plates. What is elasticized fabric? I don't think I've ever come across that presentation. Reminds me of a fitted sheet.

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You're right, it is rather like a fitted sheet.
Hi, natal, nice to "see" you again.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: basket liners

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I use a basket sometimes.

For the most part I have lots of pewter and silver trays that I will arrange them on. I try to stream line my color choices of serving pieces to white, glass, pewter and silver so that I can interchange china with them. It really helps!

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I use , preferably with a pedestal. I also make the crackers myself.


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Your crackers look beautiful, want to share how you make them? Thanks for the nice idea on how to display. I am going to copy your idea for Thanksgiving. Very nice.

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Nice Lars! Yes, please share the cracker recipe - looks yummy!

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