Eliptical from University Equipment

don_na_naNovember 29, 2006

I recently purchased an Eliptical Trainer and I really like it, but there was no ownerÂs manual. It says University Equipment on the base and electronic panel, but I can't seem to find a web site for this company? Has anyone ever heard of or owned any equipment made by this company? Any idea where I can get an owners manual?

I purchased the equipment from an outlet store so contacting the seller isn't an option. It is a pretty nice piece of fitness equipment-not gym quality, but definitely one of the better home models. Thanks in advance for any help.

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I tried to do some searching for you and came up empty ...sorry....maybe some one else will know...

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I came up empty too. Do you have any of those stores which just sell exercise equipment near you? If so, you could stop in and ask someone there.

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I came up empty too, but my computer skills aren't the best so Thanks for looking for me. I will check with the fitness store the next time I'm in town. Part of it I can figure out without a manual, but I'm sure there are more features that I haven't found yet. Thanks again.

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I saw this elliptical at my local Academy Sports. They may have a way to get a manual. The Link is below.

If you don't mind my asking, what outlet did you purchase this machine at? I did try it out and it does seem like a nice machine for home use.

Here is a link that might be useful: Academy Sports

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I just recently bought one of these elliptical bikes from someone on craigslist.org and I am having the same situation. I was able to locate "product manuals" on the Academy website, but the links to 3 models (HS2001B, HS6001, and HSB8005) were dead. I suspect the manual that we need are probably one of these three. Here's the link I found


Here is a link that might be useful: Academy Product Manuals

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I recently purchase HS-B8005 model. I'm missing a few screws and washer to finish the assembly. Should I return the eliptical? If you could help me with this problem I could move on with the next task. A phone# to the warehouse would help out alot.

Thanks in advance

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