American Idol

CaroleOHMarch 12, 2014

I've been a fan of American Idol every season. Through all the crazy judges and their drama - there was always two or three singers I really liked and wanted to watch to see how far they would go etc.

This season I can honestly say there is not one contestant that I can say I really like. I can't believe out of all the tens of thousand people who auditioned this was the best they could find.

Anyone else not feeling it this season or is it just me?

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I agree completely. I stopped watching last week and now am watching THE VOICE which is far superior and the talent is amazing.

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I also used to watch American Idol but I don't anymore.

I love the Voice a lot, I'm a big fan because of the diversity of contestants and also the judges.

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Agreed. There's not one finalist that I consider talented or likable.

The only reason I even know that I don't like them is because I check in to see Harry and Keith.

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I have watched every season......LOVING Harry......Contestants just so-so for me too. My favorites are Alex and Sam. I especially think Alex is the real deal. Jena did very well last night. The judges seem to really like her, but I think Jessica is just awful!!! She sang off-key last week and this week and is so nasally she reminds me of the Lollipop Guild from the Wizard of Oz! I also watch The Voice, and yes, overall better contestants, but I don't think they always make the right picks either.

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I agree on all counts. Love Harry - watching for him. Not impressed with the contestants so far. Although last night the performances did seem to improve. I keep watching hoping to get hooked.

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i am watching but i don't start until they have the finalists. I am generally underwheled, but believe they are improving and gaining confidence. I actually like a couple of them for their vocal individuality. Majesty could sing just about anything I think, and I actually like Jessica and MK although MK is somewhat timid. She did well last night. As for the guys, BJ, Caleb and Ben seem to be at the top of my list, but you never know with the voters. I wish the judges had more saves. Sometimes I totally disagree with how the voting goes.

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I KNOW I am getting old, and trends change, but I find everyone very similar in voice, and that is nasal-y and not pleasant. I like ALL genre of music, but do these people not have diaphragms from which to sing??


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It's so bad that I wonder if there will even be another American Idol next season. I love Harry too!!!

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