Baking party favors

okieladybugOctober 21, 2009

Last year my aunt hosted a terrific new event for our family. We gathered at her home and each lady brought the recipe and all the ingredients/supplies for a Christmas treat (cookies, candy, etc.) We all made them together, then divided them up to share. Everyone got several different things, we got to spend time together and it was a lot of fun! This year it will be at my new home. I want to have favors (one per family) to hand out so I'll need at least 6-8. Packaging isn't really an issue (I can come up with some cute ideas for decorating bags, etc.) but I was wondering if you had some neat ideas on what to include. I thought cookie cutters would be cute, along with maybe a candle, blank recipe cards, a Christmas ornament. I don't really want to spend a lot, so I thought if I start gathering things now I can get them when they're on sale throughout the upcoming season. I'm also a crafter, so I can make some things, if I had some good inspiration/ideas to go with. Thanks for the suggestions!

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How about some sort of "cookie keeper"...could be a tin or a bag you have decorated or a glass jar or even a Christmas cookie jar....depending on how much you want to spend.
Linda C

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Nancy zone 6

One year I made fudge & poured into large cookie cutters to give out, went over well.

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I bought myself a little treat at Crate & Barrel the other day, and I am really loving it. I think any cook/baker could use it.

It's a little glass measuring thingie to use instead of measuring spoons; it looks kind of like a shotglass with marks for teaspoon and tablespoon and fractions thereof on the side. I love it because I can use it for several liquid ingredients without needing a clean spoon each time.

I don't see the one I got on their web site, but they have a similar one for about $4 from OXO that looks pretty good. It's a miniature, without a handle, of their slant-measure measuring cup, which I have and really like (except that it's plastic).

They had cute cake testers and spoon rests and things like that, too. Most people have this stuff, but it's fun to get a cute, fresh one as a gift.

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well...I am going to be a grinchley dissenter here. I got one of those little "shot glass' measuring thingies as a gift, and have never used it.
And I also got a darling little gingerbread man cookie cutter filled with fudge last Christmas.
So how do you eat that? Pry it out with your fingers and cut it up?
I love receiving cute gifts that are temporary like cocktail napkins, a nice candle, soaps, a bottle of special mustard, some nuts a little box of 4 special chocolates...or a small plant.
But perhaps my view on tschotskys is different...I have belonged for about 40 years to 3 organizations that meet monthly and award prizes of one sort or I am acutely conscious of giving useless clutter.
I still say give them something cute to take their cookies home in.
Linda C

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"So how do you eat that? Pry it out with your fingers and cut it up? "

linda, lol, yes that would work!

I would love to get that as a gift, the shot glass also.

okieladybug, your favor bag could be quite costly, with those items, maybe you could decorate a candle and that would be a nice gift on it's own, buy slightly bigger ones and do a cellophane wrap. Keep us posted on results.

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I've no idea on this..

Here is a link that might be useful: dvdshop88

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Do you have wine drinkers? You could make a holiday wine stopper. It is really not too hard to make, just have to order the cork stoppers.. Not a baking product, but a fun item to bring home

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