Need Suggestions for Ladies' Cultural Group

akaDeniseOctober 30, 2002

I'm about to start a new neighborhood club and I was hoping for some good suggestions for activities. Our neighborhood already has a bunko group and last year, I started a book group.

But some of us really tired of playing bunko and would like to go out together once a month.

I was thinking we could get together once a month and have the hostess choose the activity for the month. For instance, we could all go to a play, the sympthony, a chick-flick, a great restaurant, a great bbq joint, an art show, or ?????

I'd love for this to be great fun and something we'd all look forward to each month.


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That sounds like fun. It actually sounds like you have the makings of two different groups here. One could be a restaurant of the month. Each month one person chooses the place to go. No chain restaurants allowed! It would be a fun way to try new places you probably never even thought to go to. And it would be a good venue for chatting with friends.

Another group could be cultural group. You could go to art museums and history museums. I probably would avoid concerts and plays which require advance tickets, but stuff you can do as spur of the moment would be good. Around here we have a lot of summer concerts which would fit the bill well. If you attend something which would make conversation difficult, plan on going out to coffee or something after.

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