Best exercises for osteoporosis

cheerful1_gwNovember 16, 2007

I'm 52,in menopause. My bone density test shows osteoporosis in my spine and hip. My doctor wants to take more bloodwork, then put me on Boniva. What kind of exercise would be good for me? I'm having my pity party right now, but will get back to reality very soon and need to deal with this.

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It is fortunate that your condition was caught fairly early (assuming you aren't too badly off yet). I wasn't diagnosed until I turned 60 this year and had my whole body bone density test. The tests on my feet and ankles always showed my bone density as being good, but it is my hips where the bone is thinning at an alarming rate.

I am not taking Boniva because I have a very sensitive stomach, in fact it was probably all the antacids I have taken over the years that led to the condition. I am taking Evista instead and that appears to be working for me.

You need to do weight bearing exercise to build up your hips. That means walking, jogging, elliptical etc. I do at least 30 minutes of that a day and I lift weights 3 times a week. Swimming, although a good exercise, will not work

Please let me know if the Boniva hurts your stomach and how it works for you. Like you, I am still in the information gathering stage and want to hear from others with the same condition.

Good luck!

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The T-scores are in the -2.6 range. Don't know how bad that is. They didn't test my feet and ankles. My forearm has osteopenia.

I just started hormone replacement therapy 2 days ago.

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-2.6 means that your bone mass is more than 25% below normal and your fracture risk is 8 to 11 times greater than a person whose bone density is normal.

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I was afraid of that. Will the Boniva help replace some of it?

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It should. You will need to be re-tested periodically to see how well it is working.

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I understand walking is best for one with osteoporosis. Be sure diet is adequate as you have to have enough calcium rolling around in your system for calcium to work its way into your bones with exercise. Dietary calcium is always best but you need the exercise also for calcium to be absorbed.

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My BD test of December 2006 shows I am in the early stage of osteopenia,the beginning of osteoporosis. Because I have kidney disease (I am on dialysis) I can't take oral calcium or Boniva. I recently started a yoga class. I think the stretching and balance training are good for my bones.

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You might also want to do some research on the "calcium robbers" such as caffeine, high animal protein diet, cola drinks, etc.

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Remember too that Vit D helps calcium absorption: try to get a little sunlight (hard to do in the frozen north, I know myself!), or take cod liver oil.

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I take 1000 units of Vitamind D-3 daily. I also take 1500 units of calcium citrate and 3 mg. of boron as suggested by my doctor. There is no way I get enough sun exposure to make my own vitamin D.

Jannie, have you considered the Boniva injection? That's what I will do if the Evista doesn't work for me. I have chronic kidney disease but I am not yet on dialysis.

Stretching and balance are good for preventing falls, but they won't build up your bone. That takes weight bearing exercise.

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I work in the city, and try to walk at least 10 blocks a day. I do a little weight training, but have to do more.

I'm taking at least 1200 mg of calcium, along with vitamin D and magnesium. My multiple vitamin contains boron.

If I have one cup of coffee/tea a day, does that have a great effect as a "calcium robber"?

It was funny that my pharmacist, not my doctor, said "make sure you take your calcium every day, and exercise, otherwise the Boniva won't work.

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