Indoor Bicycle Trainer

nbrooksNovember 8, 2006


Just wondering if any of you own an indoor bicycle trainer? I am specifically thinking about the stands that hold regular street and/or mountain bikes for indoor use. I am considering getting one for my husband but am not sure. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I have a staionary bicycle , its the only excercise i really like at this point, not sure what you are talking about , sounds neat though ...

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My husband bought one last winter for his recumbent bike. He put over 500 miles on his bike while watching NHL games on TV. I probably contributed to 25 of those 500 miles. He loved it and when his bike went out of the house for the summer, he bought a recumbent stationary bike so I don't think he'll be using the trainer this year. I should have him put it on ebay.

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I love my recumbant stationary bike. I am pretty fat and out of shape, but I do about 9 miles a day. I have to use it to keep my blood sugar under some sort of control. I would guess that the trainer you are speaking of would work quite well, but I don't know if it offers the varying degrees of difficulty like the stationary bikes.

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I have the device that you are referring to. It is small, attaches to the rear wheel and have tension control, although I find that shifting gears on the bike works wonderfully also. Mine cost about $150 but works very well, is solid and does a good job.

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