exercises for waist?

Lor_CANovember 11, 2001

Tall and slender but want more definition of my waistline. Any exercises to specifically take off half an inch from each side. Thanks.

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have you tried pilates mat work, yoga, classical stretch or T-Tapp?

The all tend to work on the girdle around the middle.


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Yes, I do 1/2 hour of yoga each morning, 15 minutes of exercise and stretch for a back injury and walk 45 minutes a day. I was just wondering if there were some specific exercises to trim the waist.

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Unfortunately 'spot reducing' is a falacy! We lose weight all over at the same rate. You must lose weight to lose inches

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Sorry, but Salena smashed the nail on the head. Try cutting 500 calories a day. From your description of tall and slender, I really really think that if you slice 500, (losing a pound a week) you will get your results in a week, 2 at most. If that doesn't work, maybe you can bulk(I know women hate that word)and cut up your abs. That could help you create the illusion of a thinner waist. I try!
God Bless

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This has been my experience. I have been doing Kathy Smith's Kickboxing with the RIGHT TECHNIQUE and I have been doing Kathy Smith's "March to Fitness" which includes a Latin Dance section with emphasis on twisting the waist. The kickboxing when "done correctly" causes you to "utilize" the muscles in your waist.

My waist has NEVER been smaller. I am a "natural" hour glass shape. I have done tons of "sit ups, crunches ect"..and I have never gotten results so quickly when I have done these tapes. My waist is looking "fierce"!

When I am doing the Latin dancing, everything comes from the waist rotating and the hips as well. With the Kickboxing, the "pivots" when doing certain punches make you work your waist a lot as well as when kicking correctly, the power comes from your abdomen.

I am doing WW's and I also learned that it is better to have "real fat" at smaller amounts than "fake fat" at larger amounts.
Just my two cents!

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When I work out, I basically turn on really loud music and dance around like a complete dork (curtains shut, of course, heheh). I have been incorporating a really clumsy version of the hula, but it is really doing the trick. I go in much more in the middle, now and my side and back muscles are really nice and toned. You just have to be willing to look silly for 20 minutes a day :)

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